Good Riddance 2017 – A New Year’s Eve Reflection

2017 was hard for country and our world.

2017 was so much more devastating for people across the globe than it was for me… this I cannot/ will not ignore.

However, this blog is titled and I do not assume that you come here for worldly news and information. What I might assume is that you come here to check in on our crazy family, our sweet babes, and maybe even what I think about a thing or two.

Therefore, that’s where I am going with this.

For the Spratt Family 2017 was an roller coaster ride. There were highs, lows and unforeseen loop-de-loops. There were times were we all just wanted off the dad gum ride because it really wasn’t fun anymore.

There were tears. (lots of them)

There were giggles. (lots of them too)

There was stress, struggle, and fear.

There was accomplishment, celebration, and joy.

It was one of those years that kinda felt like 5, but also went by in the blink of an eye.

If I learned anything from 2017 it was surrender… There were so many exhausting situations in which I had zero control, yet was directly affected. Those are hard things for someone with a bit of a control freak streak blazing through her.

At family dinners we go around table and share our highs and lows for the day. It seemed fitting that we might do so for the year as well because no matter the struggle, there is always good to be found.

We have relished in the highs, learned from the lows, and are determined to make 2018 great. The term growing pains came to mind many times during 2017, as I am sure it will continue to do so in 2018. Just as growing pains bring tears to my precious child’s eyes in the night… those growing pains have brought tears to me. But much how I console him and let him know he will be bigger, better, and stronger in the morning… I will continue to remind myself of those things as well.

For the Spratt Pack 2017:

Our Highs were…
– selling the Colorado house and settling into the California house (having our family under one roof again 7 days a week is such a gift)
– watching each of our kids find and blossom in their place
– we made it. we all made it. we are here… together, thriving, growing and we made it.

Our lows…
– it took us far longer to relocate than we had anticipated
– we have a real marriage, a real family, we are real people with all the struggles that go along with real life — all of which feels like an immense amount of pressure on their own, let alone when major things are happening simultaneously

So tonight, as we wait to ring in the new year I have to ask you, my sweet readers… what was your high and low of 2017? What are you doing to make 2018 better than 2017?

When you reflect on 2017, how do you feel?

I would truly LOVE to hear from you… it has been a while.


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One thought on “Good Riddance 2017 – A New Year’s Eve Reflection

  1. Happy new year, my gorgeous friend! ❤ I enjoyed spending a couple days with your babies, and of course, YOU! I always love reading your blogs. You’re such an inspiration. Love you, Christen.