Filling Your Leaky Can With Goodness

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Motherhood can look a lot like a watering can with a hole in the bottom. Each day we are pouring ourselves out and watering our beautiful people, all the while there is a hole in the bottom of the can draining all the energy, patience and tolerance. That’s just the “normal” days… add a sick kid, a rough patch in you marriage, or financial trouble and that hole in the bottom of the can feels more like the entire bottom has fallen out.

As I mentioned in the vlog this weekend… my tank can is running a bit low these days.

Rosie (our puppy) has me up in the night and when this mama is lacking sleep… I might as well be lacking my entire head. Bless you mamas who are still in the up all night phase. This friendly haunting reminder of the “up all nights” has me praying for you, for real. Just keep going, it does get better.

Unless you get a puppy, then it just stays the same…
except when you look that sweet canine in the eye at night, outside, in the dark, in the cold, you may or may not think to yourself that she is a choice and you could give her away.
Hypothetically speaking, of course.
I have heard that maternal instincts don’t much apply to dogs.
Again, hypothetically speaking.

With Rosie getting me up in the night I have found that I lack the enthusiasm to get up early for my quiet time in the morning. (That, and her crate is in the same room and heaven forbid you wake a sleeping baby, right?) Basically those are excuses and I haven’t been very diligent about finding time to fill my can with the good stuff.

It is during these trying seasons, whatever they may be, that I have to be very intentional to not allow my watering can to go dry. The bottom of the can is covered in scum and rust and when poured out, they look a lot like lack of patience, sharp tone, anger, and frustration.

When we put water in, we can pour water out.

Apparently I am not the first to have such issues, Jesus addressed this when he said…

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.

Matthew 12:34-35

Jesus told us that in order to pour out the good stuff, we have to have filled ourselves with it first. This is not just a religious concept either. Most experts would agree that in order to be a better mother/wife you must take care of yourself.

It is a simple concept… fill our cans with goodness = pour out goodness on our people.

This means getting up early and “storing up” all the good (including coffee) we can manage before we hear the first bleat from a crib or pitter patter of little feet coming down the hallway. This has to be a daily ritual as the “good” has a very short shelf life and you’ll need to restock every. single. day.

As moms, we often tend to think we are too tired to get up early, too tired to pray, too busy to join MOPS or a small group, and definitely too busy to workout. All of those things are good for your head and your heart, yet we use selflessness as our shield and excuse for not taking care of spiritual health.

It is time for this to stop.
It is time to store up some good.

Good stuff in the can equals good stuff for the people.
Otherwise they are just left with our rust and scum.

Do you fill yourself with the good stuff?
Do you notice the difference in your day, attitude, and heart when you are filled with good?

Today’s challenge… Find a way to fill your leaky can with goodness.


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One thought on “Filling Your Leaky Can With Goodness

  1. It is very important to have that cup of coffee anddevotional time before anything else gets started I agree. The four “P’s” are important to me. Prayer, Patience, Priotitize and Persistance. Can’t get the day started without them. Read article in Thrivent Magazine Marcdh 2016. Have a great day.