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In case you haven’t noticed… I really love to give you guys free stuff! Well actually, I really love to have other people give you guys free stuff, but you get the point. Today I get to share my Bestie with you, again. She bravely shared her story last year. If you missed it, read it. She is amazing and oh so inspiring!

A while back when I asked her why she started this business, this is what she said;

I used to spend my days in comfy dark clothing and I never wore anything but neutrals. I was in the trenches of mothering littles and comfy was the only way12742724_1090939804262314_5174459830644547022_n I was going to make it through the day, or at least back into bed for that coveted afternoon nap after I managed to get the rug rats to sleep.
Fact was, I was drowning. Drowning in years of depression and the effort to put on a cute pair of jeans and fitted shirt or jewelry seemed to be too much work, too much effort.

I looked at the ground all the time. I was afraid for anyone to see my eyes. I knew they looked dead, lifeless, sad and unhappy. I couldn’t understand why, despite all my effort, the look of defeat in my eyes would not go away. I was responsible for 4 beautiful children and a loving husband. I was busy changing diapers, nursing, cleaning, cooking and surviving. I gave my all to them…every minute…every day and I didn’t have anything left for me.

Almost five years ago now, the chains of depression fell off, and through the help of a few special people I began my journey of recovery. A diagnosis, therapy and support from my family helped me become a women of confidence, strength, joy and perseverance. I started to wear bright colors, jewelry and cute clothes. I quickly realized how much I love all things that sparkle! I love being fancy. I love making my inner soul shine! Out of that passion came the desire to see other women shine brightly, whether it be with a cute pair of earrings, fun necklace or coordinating hat.

With my children getting older, I was ready to make something of that passion and Faves by Marie was born in the fall of 2013. I’ve had the best time with my little business, it has taught me so much about myself and others, and I’m so excited to be sharing it with the world!

I told you she was inspiring! I never knew the old Heather, but the new one is nothing short of FABULOUS! Seriously, she always sparkles. Every. Single. Day.

Did I mention that she is also insanely generous? She would never boast about this, but I will… with her company she Funds a Micro Loan for a woman on the other side of the globe through World Vision. It’s a a beautiful way for her as a female entrepreneur to enable another woman to provide for her own family with dignity.

Today Faves by Marie is donating this exquisite Turquoise Tagua Nut jewelry set made in Ecuador, a $38 value.


The tagua nut, also known as vegetable ivory, is a seed from a tree similar to the Palm Tree. Its grown in Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. Because of its unigue design, shape, color and hardness its being substituted for ivory. Trained Fair Trade artisans carve and dye the nuts into beautiful jewelry for sale all over the world through Organic Tagua Jewelry Co. The owner cares for them like her own family because she was born in Ecuador. 


Personally, I fell in love with this jewelry line not only because of the amazing craftsmanship, design and bold colors but because of the care and love they show to the Ecuadoran artists. You are sure to love wearing these pieces with your favorite outfit this summer and know you are helping families in South America!
(PS – I have two sets… they come in all different colors.) 


Be sure to take a minute and peruse her beautiful website FavesByMarie.com, she is always adding new products! She has some super fun stuff including; light up lip glosses, diamond ice trays and fabulous jewelry. Take a peek!

As Heather always says, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!”

Now, down to business… here are the 3 steps to enter into the giveaway:

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Once you have completed the steps…Leave “sparkle” in the comment section below along with your email so I can reach you if you win.
THE BLOG IS THE HAT, PUT YOUR NAME IN! Be sure to let me know if you earned the double entry!

The winner will be drawn at random on Sunday 5/29 at noon Colorado time!

Good Luck!!




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