FaKebook – Was it a Happy New Year?

Anyone with a Facebook account is more than likely guilty of it…

You know… sugar coating it, embellishing it, making it cute/sweet/funny… We have all made a post or two about some great/wonderful/beautiful life experience that didn’t exactly go the way that we painted the Facebook picture.

On this blog I plan to share plenty of FaKebook experiences. In fact, I am going to make it FaKebook Friday. I will start the post with the Facebook version and then tell it like it really was. Here goes…

I actually posted this on New Year’s Eve, so I will just pull the curtain back and tell you what else was going on.


Awww, wasn’t that sweet? It looks like we sat around playing board games, making resolutions and drinking sparkling cider.

Well… Right in the middle of the board game one particular child had to relieve himself, and by relieve himself I mean he had to go poo. This particular child takes FOREVER in the bathroom.

Looking at the clock and the game board I knew we couldn’t wait for him if we planned to finish the game before the ball drop. (Games like this cannot be left out on tables over night because we have a couple of baby godzillas in our house.) I decided I would play for the pooping child and the game would go on. This irked the rule following/competitive child that was left at the table but we continued anyway.

Of course…. Pooping child won while still pooping! He was mad because we played without him and competitive child was mad because pooping child didn’t technically earn his bragging rights.

Sounding “happy” yet?

The sparkling cider was a bust because my kids don’t like carbonation… duh, mom! Why would New Year’s Eve be an exception? ( I figured it followed the same rule as champagne.)

And the resolutions… I felt like I was the homework drill sergeant again… Just stay focused! You could be done by now! Slow down and use nice handwriting! (Not looking forward to that again in a few days.) I trust that maybe, just maybe, they will appreciate reading them next New Years Eve. Maybe.

Did I mention that we missed the ball drop? Yep, we did. We were busy solving the dramas of the board game, looked up at the clock, scrambled for the remote, and couldn’t get to the channel in time.

So there you have it… the real version of our Happy New Year!

How was yours? Did you sugar coat your post? Have you ever sugar coated a post before? (I already know you have… I am giving you the opportunity to get real here.) Share in the comments below!

I hope you will enjoy my FaKebook Fridays. They make me chuckle if nothing else.

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  1. I love it! I can picture everything u decribed and I had a morning chuckle too! So funny! You are a great storyteller!

    Facebook has been an amazing way to stay in touch with people you don’t see everyday Or people you knew long ago. But it’s almost like what I would guess, a high school 10 year reunion would be like. I never went to mine… Its human nature to want to create a picture of success to those people who laughed at you, or you were in competition with long ago. You want to make sure your life at least has the appearance of success!
    Or maybe you don’t even realize you are painting a perfect picture on facebook. As what happened to me. A major event happened in my life a few years ago, a very difficult one, and no one on facebook saw it coming…saying things like “everything seemed so happy”. We never think to post something bad or difficult that’s going on in our life. Because “oh my goodness” what would people think about us or sometimes the event is too difficult and we don’t want to explain our actions to people we barely talk too. We all have those facebook friends who just want to “friend request” us so they can keep taps on us or have the secret enjoyment that their life is somehow better…I’ll be the first to admit my life didn’t turn out the way I thought it would or even where I want it to be right now…but I own that in my daily life wholeheartedly!
    I like the idea of faKebook! At least on Fridays 🙂