FaKebook — I Got So Much Done Today

{FaKebook Version}


Whew! Exhausting day! Got so much done… washing machine repair man, Payton school testing, sent emails, made phone calls, swept, mopped, cleaned a bathroom, got the laundry caught up, hung up frames, and had a nice afternoon coffee chat with a sweet friend. I am whooped.

{Real Life Version}

That’s my job.

I do it everyday.
(I also make a list so that I can cross the same things off everyday.)


Why do people need to publicly announce the list of crap they got done that day?

The better question for those people would be…

What didn’t you do?

What slipped between the cracks while you were “Super Mom-ing” it?

I will tell you what slipped around here and what some of those tasks actually looked like.

– patience
“Mommy only needs 2 more minutes then I will draw your treasure map.” (Brady loves when I hide something for him and draw a map to it. Weird game. He is terrible at it. And has absolutely NO patience. I don’t feel too guilty for punting this one.

– cleaned a bathroom
It only got cleaned because it was on the same floor I was mopping anyway. I didn’t clean the shower because no one uses it. I guess it’s more of an art statement? And Brady cleaned the toilet. (Find your treasure there, kid!)

– dinner
If you follow on Instagram you know that we have not had Sandra Lee dinners around here this week. (It’s fine, they will survive. There has got to be some nutritional value in FroYo, right? It has “yogurt” in the title.)


– undivided attention
I lamely invited over a sweet friend. I had cancelled on her a while back and wanted to catch up. I asked her if she would like to come over and hang out while I get my chores done. She did and it was great. But it was not the calm relaxing coffee date that I alluded to in the post. She followed me upstairs, downstairs, and all around as I folded laundry, mopped the floor, prepped snacks, and was Mom.

– naps
The only time I can use a nail and hammer safely is when at least one baby is sleeping. Apparently babies don’t have a sweet slumber well when you are banging on the wall of their room. Who knew?
And the job didn’t even get finished because I changed my mind in the middle of the project… now I need to go back to IKEA for the bazzionth time and get two more frames.

At least I will be able to get some quality FaKebook material while I am there… IKEA is a breeding ground for that sort of thing. Carts that don’t fit much and make you feel drunk when you try to steer them, stuff to climb on, stuff to knock down, food court, and of course an elevator… all for 2 more frames. Should be good.


– multi-tasking efficiency
Getting the floor swept and mopped took about 3 hours start to finish. Not because my floor was that dirty and I worked on it for 4 hours (don’t get me wrong… they were pretty bad)… But it was because I kept starting and stopping. For example… My sweet baby James ran across the wet floor and required a healing kiss before he could go on.
Sometimes it seems that multitasking just means that you have a lot of tasks going at once… not necessarily that you are getting them all done efficiently. I paused the mopping for an appointment and to change over the laundry and to make lunch and well, you get the point.

All in all it was a good day.

I did feel accomplished when it was over.

But it really wasn’t everything the post would make you assume that it was.

This FaKebook Friday I want you to remember to never compare your bloopers to someone else’s highlight reel.

People tell you what they want you to know in the way they want you to know it.

Don’t be fooled and don’t beat yourself up.

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