FaKebook Friday – What A Girl Will Do For A Date With Her Man

This one includes an embarrassing video, you are welcome

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{FaKebook Version}

Date night at the Manor House with my love!

Here is a screen shot of the actual post I made that night:


{Real Life Version}

Truth #1 – Life is DEFINITELY better with the Kingsbury’s around and we were so grateful for the night off.

Truth #2 – Shane has had a very challenging work week.

Truth #3 – All of my children lost their minds this week with the excited arrival of our dear friends and became hooligans for 5 days!

Wednesday was the straw that broke the camels back. Here are the cliff notes…

We packed lunches, loaded the car, ran to Big 5, and bought some tubes for floating.

Then we went to the gas station and used every quarter we could possibly find to fill those suckers. Once they were full they would not fit in the car… so we tied them down to the roof. [The hooligans lived up to their new title while waiting in the hot in car at the gas station. (The windows were down, take a deep breath.)]


Then we headed for the creek/stream/river.
[This California girl is still not great with proper names for water. (Seriously, back home a puddle in the grocery store parking lot could easily be roped off, dedicated to someone with plaque and all, and then of course there would be an entry fee to go enjoy such a thing.)]

We got to the creek/stream/river and decided it was too dangerous to let the kids go in. [Although, at this point… the thought was rather tempting to just float them down the river for a while… ]

The hooligans in synchronization lost their ever loving minds. At that point I called it a lose and we headed back to the car. [Mean mommy, right? Extra mean hostess.]

I made them eat their picnic lunch on the way home and put them all down for a nap/rest.
[I took a nap too! (I told you life is better with the Kingsburys around!)]

After the much needed nap the hooligans seemed to have regained some of their decency so we decided to head to the pool and had pizza delivered there. (The Ks said they couldn’t go home without eating some Papa John’s pizza. Thanks again Julie!)

Julie had already offered to send us out on a date after we put the babies to bed, so the mission was simple:
Feed babies – pizza (check)
Bathe babies – chlorine bath (check)
Put babies to bed – brought their pjs to the pool so all I needed to do was dump the babies in bed  give them a loving bedtime, full of stories, songs, and prayers.

All was going to plan until the pizza came! All of a sudden the hooligans just really wanted to swim. [Prior to the pizza arriving, 5 out of 6 of the kids were out of the pool, shivering, and SO HUNGRY!]

The Bigs dug in and ate the pizza, MG is much like a frat boy trapped in a small baby girl body… so she also ate pizza. But B and J were just having sooooo much fun, they didn’t want to get out.

Well that’s when I decided to get creative. I had no idea Julie was videoing me doing this (I mean, those aren’t even my best voices)… but this is how desperate I was to go on a date with my man.

I was apparently making a fool of myself!

Here is a picture of me covered in “fish blood.”


But hey! The kids ate their pizza and more importantly we went on our date!
All is well.


(Not sure sure why my earring looks like a disco ball… but work with me here!)

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