FaKebook Friday — The Best Day Of Brady’s Life

All these lovely posts about perfect family adventures and Pinterest worthy meals make me wonder about the story behind them.  You know, the version of the story we don’t broadcast on the WWW.

So I came up with the concept of sharing some of our behind the post dramas and I call it FaKebook.

FaKebook is the version of the story that you want everyone to see or know and Real Life is the version of the same story that you don’t really share for whatever reason…

Here goes…

[FaKebook Version]

At his classroom Halloween party, Brady excitedly told me it was the best day of his life!


[Real Life Version]
Are you kidding me? Do you know all the “special” days I have planned for you?????

Ok fine, I have never entered you in a parade before…


(The kindergarten class got to parade around the entire school while all the other grades looked on… This is primarily because this is the only part time kindergarten class and they don’t have school on Fridays so everyone else will get to have the best day of their life today. Regardless, these little guys were the star of the show and they loved it!)

And maybe I have never let you get buck wild with foam crafts before…


(Noted, I’ll add this to the craft box… no glue, no scissors, no paint… genius!
And thanks for making your brother look like Super FrankenMan.)

Ok, so I have never wrapped you up in toilet paper either.



It was the best day of your life.


Your sister obviously did not feel the same…


But then again, she was the one that was strapped down to the stroller for as long as possible.

Taking 2 toddlers to a kindergarten classroom party is risky business.
It’s a lot like throwing gasoline on an already raging fire.

Today will be 2 more classroom parties full of snacks, crafts, games, and parades…
Lord, help me!


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