FaKebook Friday #SprattsInvadeCaliWinter2016

FaKebook Friday is when we have a little fun around here! 

I give an example of a FaKebook vs a Real Life version of the same story, essentially mocking the way we all have a tendency to put our best face (pun intended) forward for the things we share on Facebook.

FaKebook is the version of the story that you want everyone to see or know and Real Life is the version that you don’t really share for whatever reason.

I have made a bunch of posts today about our exciting California trip, so here goes…

[FaKebook Version]

[Real Life Version]

1) We parked our car and rode “on a bus” instead of dragging our happy hineys across the ginormous parking lot because we got a voucher from the awesome folks at Park DIA and we able to get valet parking service for free… Score! 

All the Denverites reading this… Check it out! It was a great service and we will definitely use them again. (This sounds like a sales pitch… We are not special, we just found the voucher online… you can too. There is no compensation here.)

2) Did you happen to notice that pack was down one? Ya… Mr.Awesome had to go do his thang thang for the good folks at Ball Aerospace today. When we booked the tickets we were all scheduled to fly together… When the meeting came up I had a decision to make… Take the kids on my own or lose an entire day of vacation. I chose to lead the pack on my own.

In case you were wondering… It was exactly as crazy as you think traveling with 4 kids would be. (crying, meltdowns, tantrums, potty breaks, diapers, snacks, etc) But we made it. Bless.

3) Like a drunk on Disney crazy person… I decided to make us all matching tshirts… YESTERDAY! Dumb. 

(Yes, we are going to be THAT family and yes, I will post pictures!)

So in my drunk on Disney tshirt making madness… I lost all track of time and the to do list. Let’s just say I went to bed a bit later than planned.

4) Yes, we were just here in December. Yes, I travel with 4 kids. Yes, it can be expensive… But for Christmas my Father-in-law gifted us this Disneyland/family reunion trip. (Shane is his only kid and he’s super generous.) Score! Otherwise… we, like most other families, would not be planning a vacation the month after Christmas. 

Well, there you have it. The real version of how the start of this vacation could be perceived!

We are so excited to be here! 

The weather is great today and we are all currently taking a rest (please pray they sleep) before we head out to say hi to the ocean in a bit! 

Can’t wait to see what sort of other #FaKebook opportunities this trip will provide! Disneyland has got to be a FaKebook goldmine!!

Hope you all have a happy Friday!





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