FaKebook Friday – Snow Day Edition

{FaKebook Version}

Sorry, but this week I cannot even pretend that the FaKebook version is my own. Here is what I saw yesterday, 2/26/2015, on facebook …

Yay! Snowday for the kiddos! What a blessing!

A day full of baking and snow angels!

Do you wanna build a snowman?


{Real Life Version}

Are you kidding me?

Snow days might seem to start as a blessing, they are quickly realized to be a curse.

And no, I don’t wanna build a stupid snowman.

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[This is not my first rodeo so here are the thoughts that went through my mind at approximately 5 am]

The roads aren’t that bad… why wouldn’t they at least start with a delay? Is this a joke? Are they trying to make up for the uproar they caused by not calling a snow day on Monday?

 FullSizeRender (16)

It’s supposed to be a high of 18 today… we are still in the positive… what gives?

Is there a committee I can volunteer on to help shovel the roads to the school?


[Once the excitement wears off and breakfast is done…. This is what a snow day really means to me]

Too much gear required to go outside

Too much “together” time to stay inside

Too much technology will rot their brains


Extra work

Extra chaos

Extra fighting

Extra drama

And an EXTRA long day

Someone is always hungry, or sleeping, or crying, or bored, or whatever…

(Fast forward 12 hours)

At 5 pm when dad walked in the door…

What did he find?

A joyful home celebrating the snow day?

Uh… Not so much… he found the kids randomly dispersed throughout the house in an attempt to lower the bickering and calm the disgruntled wife.

(We call it taking separate floors)

{Don’t worry, Shane and I have never had to implement this practice upon one another, cough}

So he also finds his wife… a wife that may or may not be wearing 36 hour old clothing…

Ya, so maybe I fell asleep early Wednesday night (7:30 pm) in my comfy clothes. And yes, maybe I was wearing comfy clothing all day Wednesday because I was nursing a sick baby back to health.

So as I write this… I am locked in the office, in my stinky comfy clothes, with dirty hair in a top knot. I am hiding, uhhh I mean recovering, uhhh I mean “joyfully” recapping the snow day.


But we survived our special day. We might have even made a memory or something.

Before Payton went to bed he asked me… “Do you think we will have another snow day?”

Seriously, if looks could kill… I might have accidentally lost my first love.

So to end this FaKebook Friday I would like us all to bow our heads and pray…

“Please Lord, don’t ever let there be another snow day ever. Amen.”

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  1. Too funny!
    My kids didn’t even ask to go outside…maybe because of all the times when they were younger and I yelled at them for wanting to come back inside after 7 1/2 minutes!!! I survived yesterday by throwing the schedule of a “school day” out the window and let them do whatever they wanted…with a little homework time thrown in 🙂 And somehow managed too find something for dinner that they actually ate. 🙂
    “I will survive!!!” 🙂