FaKebook Friday — Confession from a Sweaty Girl

A quick recap/definition of FaKebook Friday:

On FaKebook Friday I will give an example of a FaKebook vs a Real Life version of the same story, essentially mocking the way we all have a tendency to put a spin on the lovely things we share on Facebook. FaKebook is the version of the story that you want everyone to see or know and Real Life is the version that you don’t really share.

{FaKebook Version}

I had my picture taken by the super talented Cassandra Wilsted Photography.



{Real Life Version}

Ahhh, so simple. So natural. There I am just wandering through a field and getting fresh with a tree… Ya RIGHT!

Hi! My name is Christen and I am a sweater.

(Just to clarify…not the kind that you wear, but the kind with wet arm pits.)

I sweat when I get upset, I sweat when I drink a beverage hotter than room temperature, sometimes I sweat for no reason at all, but I definitely sweat when I am in an uncomfortable situation!

Being the mom… I am never in front of the camera. I am always comfortably behind it… telling my people to sit up straight, show me their teeth, act like you love each other, etc.

Being in front of the camera is really beyond my comfort zone.

Even though Cassie is an old friend, I was nervous. I am not a model. I don’t ever have pictures taken of just me. I had a feeling I would this would be a nervous/sweaty experience so I decided to wear the leather jacket to hide the pits.


When Cassie told me take off the jacket I was so embarrassed. (dun, dun, dun)

Not only was I sweaty because of the nerves, but hello?! Have you ever worn a leather jacket before? They make you a little “balmy” to say the least. Now my secret weapon had turned on me!

(The double-edged sword jacket as I refer to it now!)

I didn’t want Cassie to know about my sweaty tendencies so I tried to make sure that my pits were covered with my Rapunzel hair. (See what I did there? Pretty crafty, huh?)


[Yes, these are the crazy things that go on inside my head on a daily basis.]

All this happened in about 9.5 minutes in a field directly across from Cassie’s front door… There I was the sweaty girl, in a field, with a tree and a secret.

Then I did it. I came clean… I told Cassie… The point of the blog is to keep it real. These photos are not going to do that unless I show you/them what’s really going on.

 FullSizeRender (1)

And so I am keepin’ it real… I am the sweaty girl. I can’t help it. My body has never been the same since it turned in to a mass-producing baby factory.

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0 thoughts on “FaKebook Friday — Confession from a Sweaty Girl

  1. So funny!! How do you feel now that you came clean???!!! 🙂 The pictures are beautiful! They capture you perfectly! You can see all the kids in your features 🙂

  2. So proud of you Christen…isn’t empowering when you can just keep it real? ps…i know how you feel, I too am a sweater 😉

  3. Join my club! But I look at it as my way of responding to all the stuff going on around me, the good, the bad and the ugly! It means I’m alive and that is better than the alternative! Can’t believe how long your hair is! It’s beautiful so you should be in front of the camera more often, not less! 🙂

  4. I read your post to the whole family this morning. Had trouble reading through it with all my laughter. I kept getting rid of clothes that I thought were the culprit to making me sweat. But I’m having to come to terms with the fact that it’s just me, not the clothes!