FaKebook Friday — Museum of Nature and Science with Uncle Mer

All these lovely posts about perfect family adventures and Pinterest worthy meals make me wonder about the story behind them.  You know, the version of the story we don’t broadcast on the WWW.

So I came up with the concept of sharing some of our behind the post dramas and I call it FaKebook.

FaKebook is the version of the story that you want everyone to see or know and Real Life is the version of the same story that you don’t really share for whatever reason…

Here goes…

[FaKebook Version]


Fun day of exploring the Museum of Nature and Science with Uncle Mer.

[Real Life Version]

I am pretty sure Uncle Mer hasn’t seen the inside of a museum since he rode a school bus there for an elementary field trip.

I don’t imagine that such field trips included too much time in the toddler discovery zone either….

He was fascinated by the number of strollers parked outside.

When you have a big family/several littles you have to assign them to an adult. I gave Mer the privilege of partnering with James.



The kids loved the water tables.


They were doing just fine playing in the water table with balls and plastic boats and then they discovered the whirl pool.
Dun, dun, duuuun.


You are supposed to take the small balls and drop them into the clear container seen on the left of the photo. It shows the kids how a whirlpool works and shoots the balls out of the bottom.

Well… Uncle Mer dropped a bigger ball in the tank and the whole thing got clogged. Water started spraying everywhere and everyone got soaked. Check out the faces of the two kids that are not mine… clearly they live in a controlled and peaceful environment because you can see that my children are not phased by the chaos erupting, Brady actually seems to be enjoying it. Shocker.

After the potential museum flooding we tried to get out of the discovery zone.

That was enough discovering for one day and Uncle Mer was asking about a snack bar… what does he think this is, street fair? Doesn’t he know those strollers are crammed full of delicious nutritiousness? Those suckers probably have enough carrot sticks, hummus, granola and all natural juice boxes to feed a small country.



Just when we thought we could get away… this sweet lady came over the loud speaker announcing an exciting show about the 4 seasons and it was about to start… RIGHT. NOW! Children flocked from all over to watch this lady dance like a leaf falling from a tree.

Every time she asked a question about the seasons, nature, or just about anything… Brady dominated with the answer. He may or may not have been the only school age child there, but still, he was crushing it and every time he got an answer right Uncle Mer did one of these…


Luckily, he was standing in the back where most of the other parents couldn’t see him.

Before we left Brady saw the rocket building station was still open.
(I may or may not have told him it was closed that time of the day.)
Lucky for us they were still there, so we headed in to make some stellar rockets.

Brady picked Uncle Mer over me for his helper…
Bad choice, kid.



That is the face of a child who doesn’t know that he chose wrong. Mom totally dominates in the paper crafting department. Smile all you want now, me and your little bro are gonna dominate!
(You should know that Siegmunds, my maiden name, have a way of turning everything into a competition. We can’t help ourselves.)


3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF!


Oh look! We won!

I should also mention that we made ours in half the time. Uncle Mer’s fingers are not the delicate, use child safety scissors, and tape small pieces of paper together type.


As we finished up our eventful morning at the museum Uncle Mer and the babies were ready for naps.

That is the face of a man who has had enough!


It was such a fun day!
Thanks for the sweet memories Uncle Mer. We love you to the moon and back!
Please come back for a visit real soon!


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  1. Oh the museum…brings back such fond memories! NOT…!!!!! 😉
    The Spratt Pack is so darn cute!!! And so is Uncle Mer 🙂