FaKebook — Mother’s Day

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Celebrating Mother’s Day with High Tea at the Brown Palace.

{Real Life Version}

My mom was in town to help us with a hard week. She was flying out the Saturday before Mother’s Day and we had planned to celebrate her that day before she caught her flight.



I had recently gone to a high tea with my bestie and her family at a lovely place and I thought it would be a wonderful way to celebrate my momma.

The problem was they were not answering the phone. Like ever. I knew we would need a reservation on Mother’s Day weekend so I started to look for a Plan B.

So I called a place right across the street. It got a 4 star rating and was within walking distance of the fancy one were at 2 weeks prior. They warned me they didn’t have a high tea but they still had tea and a sandwich menu.

Same block, 4 stars, and you could make a reservation… seemed like a win!

Plan B was more like Plan Birkenstocks…
We walked into this hippy coffee shop (that sells tea) and found our table with a sweet reserved sign on it. We sat there for about 3 minutes before we split.

It seemed like a groovy place but NOT what I had in mind for my momma. I was just waiting for them to start passing the bong and lighting incense.

Plus… we were not appropriately dressed for that place, as in… we wore our bras instead of tie dyed shirts.

So we moseyed on down the original tea house. The nice one that gave me this idea in the first place. After being completely ignored for 5 minutes… I begged and pleaded for a table. (Not my style… but I really wanted to bless my momma.)

She’s here from out of town. This will be the babies first tea. We even brought her play teapot. Pleeeeeease.

Nope. Not happening. Bah.
(Those ladies might have a nice tea room, but they are lacking on the hospitality. In short… they are pretty rude.)

Then the only one of the ladies there with a sweet bone in her body… suggested the Brown Palace.
She very clearly stated that it would be the second best place for a high tea in Denver.
(I am giggling as I type these words. So silly.)

But… She was wrong!

The Brown Palace put the tea house to shame. This place was breath-taking. It is over a century old (Did I mention my mom loves old buildings/antiques?) and beautifully preserved.


The people there were kind, courteous, and wearing all the appropriate under garments. (As least from what I could see.)


We had the best time.

It was so special and so much more than I hoped/planned for.

It’s funny how God has a way of doing things like that. Isn’t it?

This will forever be one of my favorite memories with my momma. It was a bit of work/funny story of getting to the Brown Palace… but at least it is one that we will never forget.



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3 thoughts on “FaKebook — Mother’s Day

  1. Love the Brown Palace!!! They are the best high tea in Denver and I will never go anywhere else again! And that headband on MaryGrace is over the top fancy!!! Love it!!!

  2. What a sweet memory to cherish…Hmmm, my Mama’s b-day’s comin’ up and we also LOVE the high tea experience! Thanks for the Denver recommendation! We haven’t been since we moved here, unless you count the lunch time stuffed-animal tea parties with Milli, which, mind you, do occur nearly every day. Cost Plus World Mkt. has a yummy Lemon Curd :). Good for you for holdin’ to standards at the hippee joint & pressin’ the issue at the swanky place. Sometimes, nothin’ less than the Best will do for our Sweet Ones. LOVE your pics, Beautiful.