FaKebook Friday — Morning Run

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{FaKebook Version}

The day is off to a great start! Even saw some deer on my morning run. It’s so peaceful this time of the morning.





{Real Life Version}

I went to bed last night without a plan for FaKebook Friday, I didn’t want to force or fake it (see what I did there?)… so I just thought meh… maybe next week.

I came down the stairs this morning with my mind racing… so much to do and so little time. How will I ever fit in the gym today?

So I decided to go for a quick run. On the run… I thought, maybe I should post about this… And right then and there the FaKebook post was born.

(Isn’t it amazing how NOT pretty running can look? There is good reason in posting pics of my shadow or the deer or the sunrise… or anything for that matter. Sweaty face, morning breath, stomping on the downhill and trying to take a selfie is not a flattering look for me.)


Ok, back to the run… yes, I went for a run but only because my to do list is a mile long… I need to go to Costco, Target, the grocery store, and tidy the house before attending a birthday party at a water park at 3. (Let’s factor an hour for pool prep and driving time.)

Oh, and did I mention we have a house guest coming for the weekend?
(Can’t wait to see you Penny! 🙂 Any special requests from the above mentioned stores?)

Although I don’t stress too much about preparations for guests…
(#RealLife I have 4 kids and trying to clean this place is much like brushing your teeth and eating Oreos at the same time.)
However, I always assume that while they are here they would like to 1) eat food 2) sleep on clean sheets 3) be able to get to and fro without feeling like you are on that old game show Wipe Out.

One more thing… let’s talk about the music selection for just a moment shall we? The music blaring in my ears was absolutely appropriate! With the full day I have ahead of me… GIVE ME JESUS! It was perfect!

But let’s clear up something up before we have another FaKebookism on our hands… When I am running… like really running… I am blaring some hip hop and getting my groove on. I do the cool down with Jesus and bring it back to center in the driveway…
(But man, that is the only time I am not listening to books on tape or the wheels on the bus and it feels good!)


Now I’m sitting here on the porch frantically pounding away at the keyboard and downing some coffee. It’s going to be a full day but at least Pitbull and I got in a quick run!


Happy Friday!

#KeepItReal out there in #FaKebook land!


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2 thoughts on “FaKebook Friday — Morning Run

  1. ?? Pitbull yeeeeahhh! Lol! Um, I probably would have hurt myself big time trying to run and selfie ? And I like your comparison of cleaning with 4 kids and brushing your teeth while eating Oreos ha!!