FaKebook Friday – Guest Post Edition

{FaKebook Version}

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I didn’t write a FaKebook Friday this week because I wrote a guest post over at stuffandthingsblog.com 

Go check it out!

{Real Life Edition}

I am not perfect.
I do not have it all together.
I woke up a few hours ago and realized I forgot to write a FaKebook Friday.

Buuuuuuut, I really did write a guest post over at stuffandthingsblog.com.

And she really did happen to post it today!
Phew! Saved by the guest post!

Tiffany has a beautiful blog about faith, family, and adoption.
She is also very passionate about marriage and asked me to write something on the topic.

Here is a snippet of the post:

When we allow people into our world and invest in a relationship with them we have to be careful not to inhale their toxic vapors. You can still be a good friend. You can still love your friend through a hard time, but proceed with caution and set healthy boundaries.

Maybe your friend isn’t bad mouthing her husband… maybe you are being intoxicated with the “perfect life” she seems to have… Why don’t I have a big house? Fancy car? Nice clothes? And take lavish vacations?

Or maybe your friend has her marriage set up differently than yours. He works, she stays home, they split the household chores, she gets girls trips all the time, and he seems to do just about anything she asks.

How about when your friend seems to have a crappy marriage and you go home full of pride for how well you have this whole wedded bliss thing figured out.

What if you enjoy hanging out with some of your coworkers because they flirt with you, laugh at your jokes, and make you feel good about yourself?

You aren’t doing anything wrong, right? Wrong.

How is your marriage? How are the people in your life influencing your marriage?

Head on over to Tiffany’s blog to read the rest of my post.


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  1. So many of us struggle in our marriages, we want it all. We want unconditional love, acceptance, grace, intimacy, fun and adventure. We want it all…all the time! If we are in the trenches, we want the highs, and fast! But the trenches build longevity in a marriage, they build character, there are lessons learned there.
    We need to pray for each others marriages as often as we think of it. You never know what other wife’s and husband’s are struggling with. I vow to pray for yours, would you all pray for mine?

  2. Hi

    Thinking of you.. Our prayers too for you all. Beautiful Picture of Marygrace.

    Love Barbara D. and all the Fishers