FaKebook Friday — Field Day, Circus Tricks, Commando, and a Sportsmanship Trophy

A quick recap/definition of FaKebook Friday:

On FaKebook Friday I give an example of a FaKebook vs a Real Life version of the same story, essentially mocking the way we all have a tendency to put a spin on the things we share on Facebook.

FaKebook is the version of the story that you want everyone to see or know and Real Life is the version that you don’t really share for whatever reason.

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Here goes…

{FaKebook Version}

Fun times at Field Day!

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{Real Life Version}

This “field day” phenomena is something that I still have a hard time wrapping my California brain around. In Cali we grew up doing the presidential physical fitness testing. They kept track of our scores/times, we earned patches according to our results, and it was sorta a big deal.

Here in Colo field day is also a very big deal… I guess.

However… there is nothing to be earned, no counting of reps, or recording of times. The only thing the kids are working toward is a sportsmanship trophy. The class with the best sportsmanship gets to keep the trophy in their classroom for the school year.

Don’t get me wrong… I understand that athletics are not a strong suit for everyone. I don’t want kids going home feeling discouraged any more than the next guy, but really??? Egg on a spoon, sack races, tires, parachutes, and hopscotch?

Why doesn’t anyone ask the old faithful question… “When are we ever going to use this in real life?”


Now that we have addressed the kids, the lame trophy, and the impractical life skill athletics the kids are learning, lets talk about ME.

Payton’s field day was on a Friday… I only have Brady and MG home that morning… not terrible, sorta manageable. The day was crazy hot though and heat along with fatigue and hunger are little Hulk’s (A.K.A. Brady’s) triggers for metamorphosis.

And of course Mr. Hulk could not stand just being on the side lines watching his brother run around with a wooden spoon and plastic egg. (they could have at least spiced it up a bit with some real eggs) Therefore… little Hulk started running up and down the side lines, but then he was sweating, next he was starving, finally he was in full blown Hulk transformation and naturally needed to use the bathroom, IMMEDIATELY.

He started turning green, the veins were slowing rising, the humanoid savage was in full transformation mode.

We left.

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Then Monday was Brady’s turn to perform circus tricks… Monday’s I have all three littles home so this was going to be a bit trickier. I strollered up like moms with a herd of small children do. I kept MaryGrace and James strapped down as long as I possibly could… but little brothers just have a hard time watching their older brother competing. (It’s a real thing. I am sure there is a study on it somewhere.)


But I couldn’t keep them restrained any longer. And like cockroaches in the light… they scattered. Brady was was with his class tightrope walking or was it juggling? anyway… James was bolting for the playground and MG was all. over. the. place.

At one point after freeing the littles we went indoors for a few activities, I thought this would work to my advantage because: walls but James ran in the middle of the gym and tackled Brady. Awesome… I have total control.



Before we left the Big Top… James had an “accident”and SuperMom (me; not so super, just ordinary) didn’t have a change of clothes in the stroller. Luckily, his shirt was long enough that it covered the goods so he just went commando, his shoes were urine soaked but meh…

MaryGrace was ho-ti-hangry (hot-tired-hungry-angry) and was just plain old losing it. Up, down, in the stroller, out of the stroller, chasing her brother, freaking out because brother is chasing her back.

Moms of littles – you know the drill.

Again, we left… but this time we left most of our dignity at field day.

Well, there you have it… The Real Life Version of the story that was covered by the oh so sweet photos I posted.

Granted, the FaKebook version is usually shorter, sweeter, and a lot less dramatic… but where is the fun in that?

Has anyone else had a FaKebook experience lately? Let’s hear about it!

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