FaKebook Friday – Exploring Colorado with the Grandparents

{FaKebook Version}

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Had a wonderful day showing my parents the city and exploring the mountains on the way home.

{Real Life Version}

I wanted to show my parents downtown Denver. There are some awesome sights to be seen. I planned to do most of it from the car window so that we wouldn’t have to exhaust the kiddos too much.

First, as I am packing the car I discover that I have two flat  dilapidated tires on my stroller. Ok, plan B! I have an umbrella stroller and the baby carrier carseat stroller thing. (Yes. MaryGrace is such a peanut that she is still in the infant carrier)

We headed to downtown and everything was going surprisingly smooth. I was able to point out the stadiums and the capital buildings. They ooooed and awwwed at some old churches. Perfect.

Then we decided to park so that we could walk along 16th street mall and grab some lunch.

So we finally found a parking lot and a spot. I had to pull an Austin Powers in order to get into the spot correctly. There are not a lot of mom cars in the city… but we managed.


[Total sidebar… but I suck at parking if I have to turn left into the spot. Weird, right?]

We got out of the car and started to walk along 16th street mall. It was a beautiful day.

And then it struck.
All at once like a terrifying earthquake. (That one was for you, my Cali peeps)

The kids were Hangry!


However, it would be more appropriate to call them TiHangry… because of course they didn’t nap in the car on the way there like normal children.
(My children are not good car nappers. Like… we will drive all the way back to CA and some won’t sleep a wink during wake hours.)

So we were “strolling” along 16th street with 2 makeshift strollers and a wild 5-year-old desperately hunting for food. (It was really getting primal at this point.)
We weren’t even walking together anymore… just hunting.

It dawned on me at this point that I had only explored 16th street with Shane, ergo, I was only familiar with “adult” restaurants and my were in no condition to be eating anywhere with real silverware.
(However, then I could have shown my parents our outstanding Children’s Hospital… another time I suppose.)

We decided to turn down one of the side streets. There was a popcorn shop. It smelled delicious! I thought to myself… Eureka! Something to distract and tide them over.

The stroller brigade stayed outside while Brady and I went to pick out a snack. Good Golly!!! False advertising! The dang place was packed full of candy! It was in jars, on shelves, and in the popcorn. But it was too late. Brady had seen it all.

So we ordered our overpriced specialty popcorn, picked out 3 pieces of taffy, and made for the door.

Of course… Brady doesn’t like the popcorn and only wanted the candy. Desperate times call for desperate measures… Supermom caved. And once that sugar hit his blood stream I payed dearly.

Meanwhile, we were booking it back to a Smash Burger that we walked by prior to the “terrifying quake” in child emotional management.

TiHangry has now morphed into HoTiHangry… Brady gets hot easily and let’s just say he doesn’t particularly enjoy the heat.

Our HoTiHangry crew finally arrived at Smash Burger along with the rest of the people with 5 city blocks looking for a quick lunch.

When the food finally came… bad definitely went to worse.

All three babies were crying  freaking out for their own reasons. Brady wanted candy… not lunch, James wanted to salt and pepper his food, and sweet MG was just distraught about life in general.

So let’s sum this up by saying I had to force Brady to get 5 bites of food down.

Over the course of the lunch James completely emptied the entire bottle of salt on to his food and then naturally… decided he didn’t like the way it tasted. It was everywhere, the table, the floor, my lap…

MaryGrace did some work on the fries. However, after Brady shoved a fry full of mustard down her throat… we discovered that she is not really a mustard fan. Who knew? (Everyone in Denver knows now.)

In the 11.5 minutes it took us to scarf down our lunch we cleared out the entire patio area. Remember how I told you that it was so packed we had to stalk some tables?
Well…we literally ran everyone off. We had 2 different groups sit down next to us and get up and move after seeing/hearing our disaster.

I left all my dignity at Smash Burger yesterday.
(The irony is… on the way to the city I was telling my folks that I didn’t have anything for FaKebook this week. Mistake #1)

It was so bad that I didn’t even get pictures. Just imagine 3 littles melting down in a small crowded space and then multiply that by a bazillion. Even the people walking by were staring.

Needless to say we booked it to the car and headed home. Within 10 minutes all of my kids were asleep. (Seriously, this doesn’t happen for me.)

As we approached our exit my dad asked, “Is there a long way home?” He obviously wasn’t ready for all the sleeping dragons to awake and neither was I!

Well, a long way home… not really.


But I too felt the desperation so drove them up to Conifer, over to Evergreen and down through Morrison. We drove over an hour just to let those little monsters angels get some rest.

My folks are not city people so they loved this part of our outing more than even a hypothetically perfect trip to the city.

Maybe next time we will skip the city and just drive around the mountains! At least then I could keep kids strapped down and hold on to some of my dignity.

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  1. This kind of stuff makes for great vacation stories! You can’t make it up! Good blog fodder as well! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your description of your day makes me feel like I was right there in the stroller with MaryGrace! I loved it! If my memory wasn’t so terrible, I would have many stories like this to tell!!! I think God’s grace allows us to forget the bad and remember our children in their younger years as cherubs! 🙂