FaKebook Friday – Evening Swim Edition

 Last night the caption on my FaKebook post read…

A little evening swim for these boys!


{Real Life Version}

Plan A was to get the kids out of the house and burn some energy. There is a pool at our gym so it seemed like the perfect solution. I was going to put the littles in the childcare and let middle and big swim. While the kids were content, my intentions were simple… read, write, and recharge.

You see… Shane has been working some crazy hours and traveling A LOT. So we needed a change of scenery, something to break up the monotony, and a few moments to gather some thoughts. But that wasn’t exactly how it shook out.

As I was loading everyone in the car and going over the plan in my head I started to feel guilty. It dawned on me that James is my water baby. He loves swimming more than Payton and Brady put together. So I grabbed his swim stuff and revised the plan.

With Plan B in full swing… 3 boys in the pool and MG in childcare… there was absolutely no reading, writing, or recharging!


Instead there were a lot of no running, please… stop pushing your brother, please… and please stop screaming, it echos in here.


There were also 2 other comical circumstances…

1- There was a man (in his mid to late 40s) stretching in the family whirlpool (lower temp, like bath water). Payton must have given him a funny look because he then started to explain that he was contorting his body this way and that to stretch his back. Payton nodded and said, “Ya, my Grandpa has to do that too.” The man hung his head, chuckled, and replied a sarcastic “thanks” as he climbed out of the pool in shame.

2- The second comical circumstance was when Brady came running out of the pool needing to go to the bathroom. Since I still had James in the pool, I asked Payton to take his brother for me. #bigfamilyproblems After about minutes the boys were still in the locker room and I had that uncomfortable feeling in my gut. Then as any shameless mother would… I asked a teenage boy to go in and make sure the boys were a) ok and b) not being naughty. I humbly got to receive the report that the boys were fine but the “little one was handling his business.” (It seems like Brady’s bowel movements are common threads in the FaKebook friday posts.)

Anywho, everyone was fine… maybe a little embarrassed. Afterall, the tween had his mom send in a stranger to check on him and the pooper, well got put on blast for pooping.  But we finished our time at the pool and headed home.


However, SuperMom didn’t plan ahead for the evening swim so she didn’t have dinner planned and simmering in the crockpot.  Therefore, SuperMom finished family swim night with wait for it…fastfood! (gasp)

Tonight there wasn’t any reading, writing, or recharging… but the kids really did have a blast! They burnt some energy, got out of the house, accidentally insulted a stranger, and pooped in public (have you been following me long enough to know that I have a peeve with Colorado for not having toilet seat covers? Yuck!)

All in all, it was a fun night… but not quite so simple and sweet as the FaKebook version.

[PS – the pool counts as a bath right? I mean, the chorine has to get them way cleaner than Johnson and Johnson’s ever could!]


Do you ever find yourself “faking” it? Dare to share?

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  1. When we moved to NC, I was disgusted that no one has seat covers! I take it back, there is ONE place, I think it’s Lowes, and I was so excited I wanted to thank the management…for SEAT COVERS! One day I was reading my journal to the kids from our first visit to NC seven years ago, and in my notes it said “No seat covers!” Evidently I forgot and moved here anyway.

  2. I laughed out loud at Payton talking to that guy! One of my kids would totally say that…its funny how kids can be so brutally honest and not care about it 🙂 The pics are too cute!!!