FaKebook Friday — Bubble Bath Edition

All these lovely posts about perfect family adventures and Pinterest worthy meals make me wonder about the story behind them.  You know, the version of the story we don’t broadcast on the WWW.

So I came up with the concept of sharing some of our behind the post dramas and I call it FaKebook.

For those of you who are just joining in the #FaKebookFriday madness, here is my definition of this phenomena:

FaKebook Friday (noun)

  • the situation or circumstance in which life looks perfect on social media and yet, it’s all a big fat FAKE.
  • FaKebook is an attempt to uncover and peel back the thick social media layer and comically reveal the “real” behind the post.
  • FaKebook is also intended to relieve the pressures placed upon ourselves while comparing our own bloopers to our “friends” highlight reel.
    (Basically, I make a fool of myself… you are welcome.)
  • FaKebook is the version of the story that you want everyone to see or know
    • (Antonym): Real Life: the version of the same story that you don’t really share for whateverreason…

Here goes…

[FaKebook Version]

1 tub + 2 kids + 3 pumps of hand soap + 4 jets = enough fun to outlast the warmth of the bath water! #yourenotlivinguntilyouvetriedthis#itsalreadydarkoutside #whatelsearewegoingtodo#betterthanwatchingtheelectionstatus #sprattpack #bathtime #epicbath#bubbles

[Real Life Version]

The Aftermath:
Soap Scum Tub

Soaking wet towel and toys everywhere! (They were buried under the bubbles)

  1. It was #witchinghour and the kids were at each other’s throat
  2. I needed to finish getting ready as I was slipping out for a much coveted ladies night. The babysitter was due to arrive in 15 minutes and my hair still looked like cotton candy.
  3. The bubble bath mission was successful in that; I borrowed some time and finished getting ready before the sitter arrived, and now she wouldn’t have to worry about bathing them later.
  4. However… those fifteen minutes I stole to finish primping will cost me double when I go to tackle this filth. The mess that remains after such an epic bath always haunts me the next day. The bubbles pop and dry up, leaving a disgusting film coating the entire tub.
  5. But I made it to ladies night without cotton candy hair and the kids were clean and happy.
  6. I will tackle the bath scum tomorrow… I am sure it will still be there.

Well there you have it! The [Real Life] version behind our amazing baths!

I dare you to debunk one of your own posts and hashtag it #FaKebookFriday or #FBF

Happy #FaKebookFriday!!
~ The Worlds Okayest Mom

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