FaKebook Friday – Bippity-Boppity-Boobs

{FaKebook Version}


On a date with my first love! ‪#‎CashingInHisChristmasStockingCoupons‬‪ #‎Cinderella‬ ‪#‎PopcornForDinner‬

{Real Life Version}

Yes, we went to Cinderella and we had a great time together.

But to be really honest… I was very disappointed in the movie.

The original movie came out after the end of WW II and the world was needing to find hope in a rags to riches story, from a good hearted person, that would live happily ever after.

Well, she was good and found happiness in the end… But how it happened was nothing short of disgusting.

Here’s the rundown:
(Spoiler Alert)

She suffered the great loss of losing her mother at a young age. Definitely devastating. On her death bed, her mother asked her to promise to have courage and be kind.

I could say the same to my kids, (in fact we might make that statement part of our family DNA,) but I would never want any of my kids to become a doormat for anyone.

Then her father remarries… a evil women. Thus births the term Step-Monster. As her father leaves for a business trip he asks her to be good to her stepmother and sisters.

[Note: Her parents asked her to be courageous, good, and kind. Not meek, dumb, and simple.]

Her father dies on the trip and Step-Monster takes on a whole new level of cray cray.

(Other than Step-Monster’s impeccable wardrobe… she is nothing more that vile scum.)


Cinderella (or “Ella” as the new movie calls her) is moved into the barren attic. All she does is pick up other people’s crap, take care of those crappers, and talk to rodents while crying in her locked away cell.

Then one day she has a break through… she has had enough and rides off into the forest to clear her mind.


I loved it! I thought she was going to take on her world and stand up for herself.

It is there that she meets Kit better known as Prince Charming.


However, It was in the forest that she proved to be dumber than ever. It was nothing more that a lot of cleavage that caught the eye of the prince.

She somehow missed the fancy garb Kit was dressed in and the fact that his entourage started to call him “Your Highness”… She naively assumed that he was an apprentice to… someone?

I can appreciate that this version including her actually meeting the prince before the ball and not looking for the ball/prince as a meal ticket out of the hell in which she lived.

she didn’t do much to better her circumstances.

It seemed as though she let life happen to her and she felt obligated to grin and bear it.

[I wish I could ask the writers and directors the intention of their message]

Why didn’t Cinderella try to get away from the the Evil Step-Monster?
Why didn’t she want a better life for herself?
Why did she feel like she deserved to be treated that way?
Why didn’t Cinderella have the guts to handle life? To have self dignity? To be brave?

She seemed content to have her life dictated by an Evil Step-Monster.
She let the shallow prince, brainless mice, and make believe Fairy Godmother do all the work for her.



What is the deal with all the boobs and cleavage? Again… what are we telling little girls?
[I am going to give a disclaimer right here: If you have big and/or fake boobs… more power to you. In fact this dilapidated baby factory body might even have a twitch of jealousy toward you… But please don’t try to sell my 10-year-old hamburgers or morals with them. (I wrote about this previously.)]


All she has to do is be “nice” and it will all work out in the end. Of course the gorgeous dress and beauty didn’t hurt…
(But really? That’s what we want little girls to believe? Just be pretty and nice and it will all work out?)

Well, news flash people… Good things don’t come to those who wait… Good things come to those who work their butts off.

I have found myself in some crappy situations in life. If I had waited on a “charming” man, a handful of rodents, and an imaginary friend to make it all better… I would still be up a creek without a paddle.


What are we trying to teach the younger generation of women? Sit around and wait for a bunch of lab rats to open the window for you?

I think not.
Open the gosh darn window for yourself!!

As I was taught, I will teach MaryGrace to:

be brave
take a risk
believe in yourself
you can do anything you set your mind to doing
be respectful
don’t ever be someone’s doormat
have self-respect
have compassion
be slow to speak and quick to listen
don’t judge, just love
be slow to anger
defend the defenseless
live without regret
change the world
pray HARD

It’s frustrating to me that cleavage, sparkles, and charm got her out of the terrible situation she was in.

How about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and putting up a bit of a fight.

In the middle of the theater, I wanted to yell… Get out there Ella and make something of yourself!
(I think my date would have abandoned me!)

All the sparkly/booblicious frustration aside…
Let me tell you the best part of this movie:

This part got personal and in a positive way…

Payton and I left the theater, we were driving home, and he was very upset by the way Cinderella was treated by her stepmother.

All of a sudden it dawned on him that Shane (technically his stepfather) has chosen to love him.

When we got home he thanked Shane for that love.

So through all the damsel in distress, glitter, and cleavage… my kid saw love. He saw the opposite of what was projected on the screen. He saw a man that calls him his own and loves him for happily ever after.

The End.

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  1. Although boobs, fancy clothes and sparkle do make life more enjoyable…:) they don’t solve any problems and they certainly don’t make life easier! I’m learning to throw that doormat to the wind, and ride it on the wind of encouragement from a special friend, my Jesus, and shear determination to myself that I’m worth fighting for!
    P.S. Does that blue sparkly dress come in my size?

  2. I love your thoughts on this one. I actually read all of your blogs and have loved every single one. You inspire me with your realness. Plus it’s 10 times better because I know you and was able to spend a little time with you and the family here in the good Tehachapi mountains. Love and miss you !!!!

  3. Good movie synopsis. Dan and I have started viewing every movie we see, or see with our grandkids, with an eye for how females, minorities, and fringe people are portrayed. It kind of takes the fun out of it, but it really makes you think.