FaKebook Friday — Band Edition

begging, threats, and bribes

{FaKebook Version}


Payton was a rockstar at his concert!

{Real Life Version}

Payton had his big band concert on Wednesday evening and it was great.

He really did play well and enjoy himself. They had one at the beginning of the year and this one at the end.

The problem is… my boy is used to playing sports. With sports you practice a couple of times a week and you have games on the weekend. In other words… there are lots of opportunities for “performing.”



Since this was not the case with band… it was a bit dramatic this year at times.

There were plenty of mornings that he begged to stay home and skip band.
[In fact… There were days where Ninja Mommy (NM is required to not wake the sleeping dragon Brady) practically drug him out of bed and down the stairs.]

There were plenty of weeks that he begged to quit.
[P – Why you are forcing me to do something I don’t want to do?? Me- So you are not an uncultured swine! Plus… the chicks will dig later on in life. You can thank me later.]

There were more bribes exchanged than I would like to recall.
[For example… He didn’t have to pack his lunch or unload the dishwasher on band mornings. So pretty much the bum had to get dressed and feed himself. Exhausting, I know.]

When the bribes no longer worked I resorted to threats… (it’s what us good parents do.)
[The threats were lame and rather ineffective. The only one that kinda/sorta worked was threatening him to pay for Oma’s plane ticket that she bought to come see the performance. I am still surprised it even worked… like Oma wouldn’t just come for a visit anyway? Whatever, it got me through the last month.] [sorry mom, I sorta used you]


Begging, bribing, and threatening aside… On the day of the concert he wore his snazzy polo to school and was gleaming with accomplishment.

He did it.

He stuck it out.

And he did great.

We went out for ice cream afterward. (possibly more bribery)


Remember how I told you that Payton usually plays sports? Well if I am going to be honest… My favorite part of the entire performance was hearing Brady cheer his brother on!
“Way to go P!”
“Come on Payton! You got this!”
“GOOOOO Payton!”

It was hysterical!
Brady is not the least bit shy and was completely un-phased by the odd looks and glares he was getting.
He’s a big fan. What can I say?

This experience made me think about the way we brag about kids accomplishments on Facebook but never shed the light on how dramatic it was to get there…
How much of that science project did you help with?
How many times did you have to deliver forgotten homework?
How many homework fights did you have for you kiddo to make Principals Honor Roll?

I don’t expect you to share the drama… just thought it was an interesting perspective.


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3 thoughts on “FaKebook Friday — Band Edition

  1. Way to go Peyton! And yes, I am hoping I, we, get an A on that insect project that I just did half the work on!!!

  2. Spot on Christen….took me back (it goes fast, don’t blink) and I love that you write this stuff down – the REAL stuff-for us and for you to look back on and remember….it will be a treasure!! Hug your mom for me!!! Toni

  3. Great perspective indeed! There is much drama in our house over ballet, karate, violin, and choir! Each kid is only allowed one activity or else mom would loose all her hair! But the biggest drama was my own! My oldest, Elena, played the flute in the band from 4th -8th grade. I thought she loved it. I dreamed of the days when she was in high school and we would sit in the stands watching her at half time! You see, I played the flute, I started in 5th grade and I was in the marching band in high school!!! Being in the band was the only way I made it thru that horrible place and since my band class was a 1/3 of the school- cool kids were actually in it! Not that I was one…i was the band geek. But I loved it! Elena did not, she wanted out! She hated her teacher, she hated practicing, and she didn’t want to hear my wonderful stories of days at band camp. (No joking, I know what your thinking!) I begged and pleaded. I told her I’d be at every game! (since my parents hardly ever came, I thought this might make a difference…nope!)
    I came up with a few hoops she had to jump thru to get out of the class, and she did every one at rapid speed! Oh well, in the end, it turned out alright. We just went to her end of the year choir performance and it was beautiful and she got invited to awards night! Each kid has exceled at each thing THEY have chosen. Serves me right 🙂