FaKebook Friday – Back To School Edition

if you are still making Pinteresting lunches... you are a freak of nature and this is not for you

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{FaKebook Version}

All my sweet kiddos are officially back to school.


{Real Life Version}

Back to school week is hellish on a mother! Don’t be fooled by the gleam of new shoes, clean back packs, and fresh hair cuts.

When was the last time you saw a mom in back to school photo? Right!?

There is good reason for us staying behind the camera.

We are fried, exhausted, and barely hanging on.

We somehow let those hot summer days melt our brains about the reality of having to get so many humans out the door at the same time. (and multiple days in a row… it is unjust!)

All kidding aside… back to school is hard.
It is hard on the momma, the kiddos, the teachers, the world!

But you know what makes it extra hard?
Lean in closely… this is important.

Life keeps happening even though you have a big/exciting/exhausting back to school week.

– laundry still needs done even though you are trying to master the chauffeur schedule of 3 kids on 3 different schedules at 3 different schools (hypothetically speaking of course)

– dinner still needs made even though there are back to school/get to know your child forms coming out the wazoo and spread all over your countertop

– and what if something unexpected happens? You know, the stuff you can’t really plan for.

Our week was a bit of a doozy because MaryGrace had a couple of seizures on Tuesday night. But I would be kidding myself to think that you did not have something come up unexpectedly. Right?
Dishwashers break, bad news comes in the form of a phone call, or maybe you even got in a fight with your spouse.

Whatever your circumstances were this week, I am assuming most of you still posted pictures of your sweet humans heading off to their new endeavor. Bless.

This morning as I sit here typing with puffy eyes, fluffy hair, and tired bones I can’t help but wonder about the condition of your soul.

How are you momma?

Are you weary?

Are you fried?

(As a fellow mom in the trenches… if you are still making pinteresting lunches, while joyfully waking the children with song and dance… this is not for you. You are a freak of nature and need not be bothered by our incompetence.)

For the rest of you… take a deep breath. You/we made it.

It gets better from here, smoother, and more rhythmic.

But I also want to give you a sweet reminder… you are the nucleus of your tribe.

You are the one that holds them all together, gets them where they should be when they should be, (I hate admitting this but…) you are the thermometer for the house.
Meaning… when mom is happy… the house is happy, when mom is mad/frustated/fried… (well you can see where this is going) the house is just not right to say the least.

So I encourage you to feed your soul this weekend. Find some time for yourself… take a walk, take a bath, shoot…. get really crazy and do both!

Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done or heck, just for surviving.

You made it. I bet you even rocked it!

Time to recharge the soul batteries and do it all over again next week.

But at least next week you won’t have to get out of the car to take all those first pictures, which eliminates… pictures, posing, forced smiles, squinty eyes and pants!
(Yes, next week you can stay in your soft pants from the comforts of your car and no one has to know.)

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2 thoughts on “FaKebook Friday – Back To School Edition

  1. Congratulations for getting through this first week, Christen, with your good humor & sensitively intact! I’ve been there, done that as will you! It makes for interesting storytelling while you are swinging in the swing when you are my age. Love you, dear, and the whole family too! Special kisses for MG.

  2. I found myself taking a huge sigh of relief during reading this sweet post! Thank you for the reassurance and virtual thumbs up. I needed it! This week was doosy…I need the reminder to take more deep breaths and recharge my batteries this weekend 🙂
    Blessings for next week mommas!!!