FaKebook Friday at Chick-Fil-A

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{FaKebook Version}

Had a fun day running errands with the Bestie. We got so much accomplished.
(This is such a lie… that we didn’t even take a photo!)

{Real Life Version}

First of all… My house looks like Queen Elsa took a toll on it. All the windows are covered in plastic as the guys are prepping to paint. It was a very strange/frozen feeling to be inside and I knew that I had to get out.

IMG_7711 IMG_7712

So I texted the Bestie and asked her if she wanted to do something?

I needed to run a bunch of errands and she offered to help.
(She’s either super crazy or super sweet!)

The day was filled with as many special experiences as you would imagine running errands with 4 kids would be (3 of mine, 1 of hers)… But here are some highlights.

We got all the way across town and I realized that I forgot my wallet. As I got ready to start the car and head back to the ice castle my Bestie offered to be my Sugar Momma and I started a tab. Embarrassing.
(I know what you are thinking… the old, I “forgot my wallet” trick… No! This was a Costco/Sam’s Club day… not a lunch date.)

Then we are in the checkout line managing all these little creatures precious children.
Did I mention that my monsters munchkins hate being in the cart?
I am unloading the frantically chosen goods while Sugar Momma is scanning the items and busting out the plastic to pay for my loot.

I was almost done unloading. I reached under the cart and grabbed the rotisserie chicken and the plastic rim split… I tried my best to juggle the hot, juicy deliciousness, but it went flying everywhere. So embarrassing.
(Clean up on aisle whatever!)

I couldn’t even blame it on a child.
They were no where near the cart and what remained of that poor chicken.

From there we decided to do a bit of clothes shopping. That’s what girls do when they are together, right?

Well, about 2.63 minutes into “shopping” it became apparent that we were not going to make it sweet/slow/enjoyable experience.
I just started throwing stuff into the cart.

All the while, Sugar Momma doubled as the Simon/Brady says Referee.

When we started getting those looks from the store employees I left Sugar Momma/Referee and headed for the car with as many wild animals precious darlings as I could carry.

She paid for the goods (again) and we rendezvoused at the car.

By this point it was obvious that the kids Brady was hungry. I have learned that if he is not fed every 2-3 hours he turns into Gollum. (Side note… He even has a precious… his blankey)


We were not ready to head back to the frozen fortress yet so we went to Chick-fil-A.
Seemed like a genius idea.
The kids could play for a bit and I could eat anything smothered in Chick-fil-A sauce… thanks to Sugar Momma.

Well, apparently every other mother in the Denver Metro area also thought of my great idea on that dreary day…
The place was packed!
And then it only got worse when a local high school let out for lunch.

All things considered… it was going alright.
Our food order was messed up miserably, but it’s Chick-fil-A… You just have more grace for people who respond with “my pleasure,” right?
The kids ate, Gollum turned back into Sméagol, and they all went to play.

We had grabbed seats next to the play structure so that we and MaryGrace could observe the zoo animals through the glass like responsible parents.
We had to keep a pretty tight head count… there were curtain climbers swarming everywhere!
MaryGrace started getting crabby. She’s a medicated baby and it was nap time… In other words… we could hear the ticking of the bomb.

As we scrambled to tidy the remains of our nutritional bliss we told the kids to get their shoes on.




Where is James?

We knew he hadn’t left the play structure… We kept a close eye on our zoo animals. So we sent the big kids back in after him.

He didn’t want to come down and now we could hear him crying/whining/screaming from the giant car.


Coaxing from ground level and sending the big kids wasn’t working.

It is every mothers nightmare to have to climb up the play structure to retrieve a kid. But that is exactly what had to be done.

So up I went.

As I made my ascent I heard one mother tell another… I am sure glad that isn’t my kid.
(You’ll have your chance lady! I made it through 2 kids without ever having to do this.)

As I journeyed through the plastic wonderland I turned a corner and was faced with a slew of kids. I couldn’t get through that germ infested battalion if I tried.

After tricking them into showing me how to go down the slide… I made it to the car only to find James contently driving.

It quickly became obvious that he was not crying/whining/screaming in fear of coming down… it was a direct response to the preschool gang that had made it their mission to retrieve him.

He didn’t want to go with me either. He was pretty content there in the plastic cesspool.

I crawled over, grabbed him, and carried him like an angry mother gorilla.

The observer of the zoo animals had now become the observed.

I got to the slide.
He freaked out.
We went down anyway.


Then we bolted to the car and went home.

Did we get a lot done?
That answered can only be determined by your definition of a lot.

But I did spend a memorable day with the Bestie.

Don’t worry I settled my tab and she is still speaking to me.

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4 thoughts on “FaKebook Friday at Chick-Fil-A

  1. Yep, that about sums it up!!! I had such a memorable day too Bestie! It was so fun to apart of this week’s FaKebook Friday! Same time next week? We can go to the museum! 😉
    P.S. The other kid with us is my 4th, the rest are in school full-time. Thank Goodness!!! 🙂 I hope Christen thinks I’m sweet, cause I remember all too well Sams club visits, trying to use the bathroom in public and rescuing my kid from the Play-area, he was the one too scared to come down! Back then I wish I had a partner in crime to take shopping with me, love my kids like I love hers, and call at the end of those long days exhausted- just too hear her laugh…
    Or at the least my very own Sugar Momma!!! 😉

  2. Hilarious read! It’s great that you’re able to laugh at the chaos. These are the days we will revel in when they are grown. Xo

  3. Brave ladies, you two!!! Remember doing the same with my girlfriends. Now all the kids are grown & having their own kiddies!! Enjoy this time, it goes swiftly!!