FAKE Positive? Don’t Be A Fool, It’s Not Funny

It’s April Fool’s Day once again so I thought I’d share this post I wrote last year as it caused a bit of a stir.

The other day I was thinking about a funny way to tease my readers for April Fool’s Day and I thought… “I’ll do one of those fake pregnancy jokes!”

It’s not an original idea but I thought it might entertain…

It might be funny since people already think we are crazy for having so many kids.

I thought I would even trick the boys.
[They are always asking if we are going to have another baby.]

As I tried to formulate the clever words I would use to execute my prank a dear friend came to mind.

A friend that I prayed with for years as she suffered through expensive and invasive means of infertility treatment.

Then another face came to mind. A friend from my MOPs table who openly shared about the sorrow of her miscarriage and how she struggled through that rough season.

And another friend who explained the deep depression that her multiple miscarriages had caused her.

All of a sudden this silly joke wasn’t so hilarious anymore.
It wasn’t even a little bit funny.
Actually, it gave me a sick feeling in my stomach.

How would that post have affected those sweet friends?
Would they have let me know that I hurt them and how ignorant I was?

I am almost certain that the people who make these posts on Facebook are not setting about to be malicious. They are only trying to be funny.

But what about my friends?
What about your friends?
What about all the other women that are also suffering… silently?

It was/is a privilege to be let in on the stories that those sweet women endured but I know there are soooo many more.

I did some research…
I found that there are about 4.4 million pregnancies in the US each year and of those 4.4 million, about 500,000 end in miscarriage.

According to the CDC, 6.7 million or 10.9% of women have an impaired ability to get pregnant or carry a baby to term.

My silly joke would be at the expense of about 6.7 million women.

Not so funny now.

So this year I encourage you to stick with the oldies but goodies…
Bust out that whoopee cushion, manipulate some food, buy some fake barf… But please, please, please don’t fake a pregnancy.

Really, it’s just not funny.

Think to yourself… How many women do you know personally that have endured the heartbreaking loss of a miscarriage? How many couples do you know who are desperately yearning for a child?

So on this April Fool’s Day, I ask you to please spread the word… This seemingly innocent prank can and does hurt so many each year.
Share this post on Facebook, start a conversation, and generate some awareness.

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One thought on “FAKE Positive? Don’t Be A Fool, It’s Not Funny

  1. Thanks again for this. I’ve been struggling and had a miscarriage and even real pregnancies are hard. My siblings are all pregnant or just gave birth and same goes with all my friends. Fake pregnancies are definitely insensitive.