Halloween Project With Kids – Quick & Easy!

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Before you get all Halloween Project snarky on me… let me explain!

Shane and I do this thing where we take turns going to our kids games, especially if it will be in a tight space, or hot, or during nap time, or super early, etc…

This weekend was my turn, I took Payton to his very early, Saturday morning, 8:00 a.m. game. I think I may have gotten the short end of that stick… Did I mention that the game was also an hour away? And don’t even get me started on how early they have to be there for warm ups! Coach, it’s only Pop Warner bro…

When we got home, Shane was headed out for a bike ride. The pack was running amuck and doing things kids do on Saturday mornings, like not brushing their teeth and still wearing their pajamas. I have really instilled in them the love of a “home day” (more on that another time). Basically, they were just enjoying themselves and the lack of schedule. Beautiful in it’s own right.

Shane kissed us goodbye and I sunk into the couch on the patio, phone in one hand and LaCroix in the other. I was whooped. It was an early morning after all, and the lack of shade gets me every time!

But before I knew it, I had been sucked into the black hole of my phone for an undisclosed amount of time. My kids were (mostly) playing nicely so it seemed like an okay thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. At least I had brushed my teeth and gotten out of my pjs, right?

But like all good things do, the playing (mostly) nicely came to an end I needed to think fast. My 3 younger kids love any reason to paint, cut, glue, etc. (My oldest is kind enough to tolerate/humor me… I pay well in food!) So here is what we came up with after a quick “easy Halloween project with kids” Pinterest search and compilation. (If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, you can do so here.) I am a mildly crafty gal, so I already had all the paint, paper, googly eyes, and appendages. Easy peasy, rice and cheesey!

Each kiddo picked their favorite creature and away we went.
We spent about an hour doing this little project. There were giggles and spills and ruined clothing and adorable finished projects. Yesterday I ran out and bought a few cheap black frames for these masterpieces. I am going to frame them and use them each Halloween as decor.

I am sure glad I pulled myself from the black hole… These simple Halloween projects will be a fun memory for years to come.

Painting a 13-year-old’s foot seemed like crossing the line… We just used his fist. (His giant foot wouldn’t have fit anyway!)



Have you done anything similar?
Are you going to try this easy Halloween project? If so, I want to see some pictures!

Happy Halloween!

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One thought on “Halloween Project With Kids – Quick & Easy!

  1. Adorbs!!! You are a rockstar mom! I think out of my “zoo” only one would think this is fun. Tough crowd in my house, for sure! Grandkids maybe?! Haha! I do love to take out those “cinnamon clay” ornaments at Christmas time that I managed to make one time long ago…too bad Mia doesn’t have one ?