Dear Spratt Kids, I Am Sorry

Dear Spratt Kids,

This morning I have a heavy heart for you.
I am sorry this move has not really gone according to plan. I have noticed the toll it is taking on you.

When we went under contract after only 2 weeks it seemed like everything was falling perfectly into place… you told your friends and I told mine. It was exciting, scary, and happening all so fast.

Then we had to press reset and go back on the market. But a few weeks had passed and the holiday season was upon us… Questions about where we would be celebrating started to surface. Questions I really cannot answer and truthfully, I probably want those answers more than you.

I know you all really like a plan. (I think I have made you that way. Sorry ’bout that.)
I am sorry I cannot give you anything definite at this time.
I am sorry we are in limbo.

Last night when one of you showed me how you’ve ripped all the months after November from your school planner my heart shook a little. It felt like I had let you down.
I realize how much this move is affecting you.

In my mind I started to replay all of your small comments from the past months. I want you to know I feel a heavy burden to help you through this season as smoothly as possible.

I know you miss bedtimes with Daddy and the way he makes you into the perfect burrito.
I know you miss the other half of your toys that are already packed and piled high in the garage.
I know you miss a mama who wasn’t neurotic about the mess.
I know you miss consistency and our schedules.
I know you miss the security of our home as it seems to regularly be invaded.

I get that this is hard for you. It is hard for all of us.
I am not sure why things are taking longer than we had hoped, but everyone keeps telling me that it will all fall into place just as it is supposed to… so I will continue pass that message along to you.

You can do this.
We can do this.
I can’t wait to get to the other side of this journey, reflect on the struggle and point out all the little God things that fell into place.

In the meantime, let’s stay positive and enjoy each day right where we are.

I love you and together we can conquer anything.
– Mom
(The World’s Okayest Mom, that is.)

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