Dear Mamas: Slow Down & Savor Today

A Guest Post for Christine M. Chappell

If you saw someone open a bag of M&Ms and start popping them in their mouth and swallowing them whole, you might think they had lost their ever-loving mind.

You might even ask yourself… what’s the point of eating M&Ms if you aren’t going to taste them? (Then there’s me over here freaking out and thinking… if you are going to eat those empty calories, you’d better be enjoying them!)

In a world of fast food, social media and text messaging, it is a rarity that we savor our foodsavor a moment, or even savor a conversation. As a society, we don’t really take much time to savor anything.

Savor, according to, is derived from an old French word and simply means to “taste, breathe in; appreciate, care for.”

Let me clarify, savor does not mean you took a picture of a beautiful sunset on your phone, edited the photo with a great filter, then posted it on social media and hashtagged it with something deep, like #blessed or #breathtaking.

Nope, not savoring. Not even close.

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