Dear Kids, It Went So Fast…

A Tearful Reflection

Dear Kids,

It is almost mid-January and you finally all went back to school this week after a long and glorious winter break. The break was full of highs and lows and traveling and staying home. In all honesty (for the most part) it was great, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that some days were better than others.

As I reflect on the break I can imagine how it will feel to send you all of to college one day and reflect on our family years. I imagine myself a blubbering mess, sipping coffee in my corner of the couch (the one you find me in every morning as I wait for you to come down the stairs and crawl into my lap) and sorting through the bazillion photos I took over the years (of course this will have to be done digitally since I cannot fathom actually printing photos).

There will be highs and lows to reflect on but much like winter break it will have gone too fast.

Similar to winter break there will be pieces and parts I do not wish to remember. Like when we were trapped in…

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