Dandelions, Roses, and Words of Affirmation

WOW - word on Wednesday

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately.
(Who am I kidding? We have 4 kids and puppy, it’s always crazy!)

I guess this has been a different sorta crazy.
Unique maybe.

Shane has been working on a few big things for work and it has taken up a lot of his time. After being married for 7 years, I now know this just happens. It doesn’t last forever and it will subside. For now, I am carrying a little extra weight at home.

Since we have been married for 7 years and we are kinda/sorta/maybe figuring each
ther out… Shane knows that I like to feel appreciated. Pretty much I like to combine 2 love languages into one… words of affirmation and gifts.
(If you are unclear about the term love languages… get this book. Read it. You will love it.)

Ok, back to the story…

Shane brought me these flowers last week.


I stood in the kitchen with dirty hair, minimal make up, and yesterdays yoga pants and was desperately trying to peel the dried mac and cheese from the table… When I looked up and saw the flowers they meant so much more than just flowers.

They meant I was appreciated and he told me so.

The kids were all running amuck and I didn’t think they had taken any notice to our exchange,


This weekend we wrapped up our flag football season (hallelujah) and after Brady’s game we headed to a park for some cake and awards. As we were leaving the park Brady bent down and picked 2 dandelions for me. As his grimy little fingers pinched the milky stems and he thanked me for his flag football season.


This momma’s heart melted.

This is the stuff that outweighs the poopy diapers, up all nights and puke in the carpet.
This is the good stuff.

However, it wasn’t until I got home and walked past the roses that it dawned on me…

He was following his father’s example.

He saw his daddy give me flowers and thank me.

Immediately my throat knotted, my emotions swirled, and my thoughts were flooded.

How did my boys get so lucky to have an incredibly great example of a man?
(Future daughter-in-laws… you’re welcome than I am a great picker.)

I didn’t realize they were even paying any attention to us that afternoon… what else have the noticed?
(we are not perfect, ya know?)

What if Shane wasn’t the type of man he is… what if Shane mistreated me? Talked harshly? Was abusive?
Would that behavior be replicated as well? 

What if we got all religious with this…
What if we replicated the Father’s love and affection to those around us?
What if we passed out dandelions and gratitude to the people around us?

For me, this was a good reminder that they are ALWAYS watching us: the good, the bad, the indifferent and more is caught than taught.

Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity,
Titus 2:7

It is my deepest desire to live a life worth watching and replicating.


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3 thoughts on “Dandelions, Roses, and Words of Affirmation

  1. I so enjoyed your blog this morning. Thank you for reminding me we are all examples to our children and friends. Love you , Aunt Shirley

  2. Another amazing story. I love reading them. It has been along time since my days were crazy like yours. I watch my children now run the schedules like you do. I miss my blogging. I was shut down for some reason and can’t get my blog backup. I asked Inspiring voices who published my book, All the steps I Have taken but they said they can’t help me. I will have to start over. Just not enough hours in the day to get it all done for this 68 year old. Thanks for your continued love in your stories.

  3. Such a Beautiful picture of living out God’s love in your family. Sweet sweet Brady 🙂
    Our marriage hasn’t been all roses, more like a roller coaster, but I hope in the last couple years that we have modeled for our kids what it means to heal a marriage, to fight for your family, and to live out grace in everyday situations. I know God sees me. I know he sees my heart. I have prayed and prayed over my kids thru the years that God would protect them from the good, bad and ugly. And they would just see Him.
    Thank you my friend for sharing. Even as my older kids think it’s gross seeing mom and dad kiss in the kitchen, at least they see us 🙂