FaKebook Friday – Guest Post Edition

{FaKebook Version} I didn’t write a FaKebook Friday this week because I wrote a guest post over at stuffandthingsblog.com  Go check it out! {Real Life Edition} I am not perfect. I do not have it all together. I woke up a few hours ago and realized I forgot to write a FaKebook Friday. Buuuuuuut, I […]


Who am I? Who was I? How the heck did I get here? There some are mornings when I could lie in my bed, stare at the ceiling, and ask myself those questions. Ok, if I am being honest… I could ask myself those questions every single day. Motherhood sprang upon me so quickly and […]

Lingerie – Why I Will Be Wrapping It Up This Valentine’s Day

First and foremost… If you are my mother, mother-in-law, sibling or anyone else who might be in denial about the fact that I have a sex life… Please stop reading. Seriously, just do us both a favor and stop. Now that I have eliminated 98% of my readers… Let’s get on to the “juicy” part! In honor […]

This is My Man and This is His Day

God really hit a homerun when he created my favorite human on January 19th, 34 years ago. And for some reason, He decided to bless me with the gift of Shane Rydel Spratt. My man is more than I asked for. (I literally had a list of specifics that I was asking God for in my future husband. He exceeded […]

Goodbye Christmas, Hello Fear

Taking down the Christmas tree and decorations always leaves an empty feeling in my heart and home. The corner where the tree stood seems so bare, the snow seems pointless now, and all the excitement and anticipation has dwindled. But this year the there is an extra feeling hanging out in the empty zone…fear. Upon […]

Here Goes Nothin’

Ok, so here’s the deal… I have toyed around with the whole blog idea for a couple years now and I have been afraid to do it since the moment it crossed my mind. I had/have so many reservations… What will people think? Will they like me? Do I even want to let them in? […]