If You Were Evacuated… What Would You Do?

There is always something going on at Spratt Pack Headquarters

Level 1 evacuation, 33 acres burned, still only 10% contained and it all went down in our backyard. This aerial view of the fire is from the channel 9 news station, but that hill that is on fire is literally in my back yard. Those houses you can see in the top right corner… that is my […]

How I Entertain Without Losing My Everloving Mind

For years Shane and I had a New Year’s resolution to invite someone/a family over for dinner once each month. We would start the year off great and make it happen a couple of times and like most New Year’s resolutions it was null by March. We had great intentions and our heart were in the […]

Let’s Talk About Guests Baby!

9 Fun Things In Our Guest Room

Since we moved to Colorado we have had more guests than ever and I have had a blast setting up a safe place for our people to land. I thought it would be fun to open the doors of #SprattPackHeadquarters and let you in for a bit. Here are some of my favorite things in the guest […]