If These Walls Could Talk — Our 2 Year Home Anniversary

Two years ago, Sunday, we got the keys to our home ON our fifth anniversary. It was the craziest season of my life so far and if these walls could talk, oh man… They would tell a story of a woman who left all she ever knew and moved to a foreign land and settled in this new (old and […]

If You Were Evacuated… What Would You Do?

There is always something going on at Spratt Pack Headquarters

Level 1 evacuation, 33 acres burned, still only 10% contained and it all went down in our backyard. This aerial view of the fire is from the channel 9 news station, but that hill that is on fire is literally in my back yard. Those houses you can see in the top right corner… that is my […]

How I Entertain Without Losing My Everloving Mind

For years Shane and I had a New Year’s resolution to invite someone/a family over for dinner once each month. We would start the year off great and make it happen a couple of times and like most New Year’s resolutions it was null by March. We had great intentions and our heart were in the […]

Let’s Talk About Guests Baby!

9 Fun Things In Our Guest Room

Since we moved to Colorado we have had more guests than ever and I have had a blast setting up a safe place for our people to land. I thought it would be fun to open the doors of #SprattPackHeadquarters and let you in for a bit. Here are some of my favorite things in the guest […]