Craving The Off Season

Monday – Dance, Swim (2), Football Tuesday – Football Wednesday – Dance, Swim (2) Thursday – Youth Group & Football Friday – nothing (Hallelujah, but let’s be real… Fridays don’t stay empty for long) Saturday – Game Day Sunday – Christmas Pageant Practice There are certain aspects of being part of a big family that are […]

One Week From Today – The Move Update

One week from today we will start the next Spratt chapter. Things seem to be moving faster and faster around here as my days have been filled with documents, todo lists, and spackling. #TheChaosIsReal   Most of the arrangements have been made and now we are trying our best to tie up loose ends. The […]

It’s The Final Countdown

Well that little “under contract” placard has adorned the “For Sale” in my front yard once again. I was so gun shy to even write this post after it all fell apart last time that I waited a few weeks. However, things are looking solid and we will close on this house on February 28th. […]

Our Christmas Letter To You

All Things Spratt-tacular In 2016

This year started out ordinary and has ended up being any thing but that. We were just chugging along and BAM decided to move back to California. Truthfully, the decision to move was one we wrestled with for months. We really love our life here in Colorado but always felt California was home. When the opportunity of […]

Moving: It’s Been A Roller Coaster Ride

It has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride over here at Spratt Pack Headquarters! And since there is no line… we get to keep going around and around! Here are the most common questions I am asked and the updated answers: Did you guys find a house in California? Yes, but someone else […]

Spratts Are On The Move — Update

It is has been over a month since I told you about our big/upcoming move…  it seemed like time to give an update.    Here is the latest on Operation #SprattsAreOnTheMove… The house went on the market almost 3 weeks ago. we have had a TON of showings lots of positive feedback some not so positive (whatever, […]

Hood Hunting Success

Holy Moly! We had a whirlwind of a [long] weekend! Here’s the skinny… On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of hosting 30ish women in my home… we had yummy food (thanks Heather), real conversation (thanks Mandy), and just an overall soul filling time. When every one left, I packed for the weekend and tried […]

Spratts Are On The Move!

Riddle me this… What could possibly make life more crazy than it already is with 4 kids and a puppy? I will give you a clue: It starts with an “M” and ends with an “oving” MOVING! You got it! Since we moved to Colorado 3 years ago people have always asked us if we […]

20 Ways Puppies Are Like Babies & 6 Ways They Are NOT

Last month we added a new member to our family. She has blonde hair, brown eyes, and the ability to melt hearts. We call her Rosie. As I have settled into my role of doggy mommy (Is that a thing? Did I seriously just write that?) I have noticed there are some serious similarities in […]