Top Posts And A Few Fun Facts From 2016

It’s officially 2017 (I can hardly believe it!) and maybe you are like me, (and 99% of the world) reflecting on 2016. I shared in our family Christmas letter that the year started out simple for our family and we ended with a bang… it also has a cute little blurp about each kiddo. (Just […]

Faves By Marie Jewelry GIVEAWAY

It's as easy as 1-2-3

In case you haven’t noticed… I really love to give you guys free stuff! Well actually, I really love to have other people give you guys free stuff, but you get the point. Today I get to share my Bestie with you, again. She bravely shared her story last year. If you missed it, read […]

Thirtylicious Celebration in Photos

This has been such a fun birthday… It should be called a birth-week. I have been loved on and blessed by so many. First, my mom (AKA Mary Poppins) threw me an early birthday party while she was here. (It should be noted that she went to the store for supplies, baked a cake, and […]

Rich Love Shoppe Giveaway [CLOSED]

Guys! I am super excited to share this with you! This is my friend Jami Butler. She is a Wife, Momma, and Teacher! And as if that were not enough… She has recently opened a new Etsy shop and her items are fantastic! You can find her fabulous items at!!   I asked her to share a bit […]