9 Life Lessons To Be Learned From The Presidential Debates

With all the negativity swirling around the presidential elections this year, I thought I might take a stab at trying to make the embarrassing debates a teachable moment for my kids. I have been stewing on this post for almost a week now and as I was rereading the 9 lessons I chuckled a bit about how […]

Dear New Mom,

a series of open letters to the new mamas (1st time or 10th time, makes no difference)

I was scrolling through my social media feeds recently and realized how many of my friends are new moms or are about to be new moms… some are new for the first time and others are new for another time. Seeing all these squishy babies really brought up a lot of emotions; some nostalgic, some sad, […]

Gym Insecurities & The Olympics

Ding — Time to pedal. I was sitting on my stationary bike starting to sweat. Not sure if the sweat was more to blame on the workout or on the stress, either way… it was good and exactly what I needed. Ding — Burpies As I was jumping up and down (for what seemed like a million […]

Why I Miss The Sleepless Nights

Every once in a great while I still here that cry in the night and make my way down the hall to sooth a sweet baby. (FYI… I will call them babies as long as I want, it doesn’t matter that they are 4 and nearly 3, they are my babies and always will be. […]

4 Things Back To School & New Year’s Have In Common

Summer was nothing short of a whirlwind. I mean, we filled that sucker to the brim… there were road trips, National Parks, lakes, pools, birthdays, family gatherings, and lots, lots more! But as my kiddos completed their first week back to school I felt a bit like I do in January… Fried. Exhausted. Excited. Here are […]

When Your Toddler Has No Fashion Sense

Yesterday I bought the last pair of shoes for the last kid for the first day of school and it was so much more than I had bargained for. The 2 older boys had settled on some sweet Nike’s that just happened to match one another. Adorbs. (Payton didn’t really think so but whatev!) As […]

What I Learned By Being Uncomfortable & Vulnerable In Airport Security

Earlier this year my family flew to California. We were all supposed to fly together, but at the last minute my husband had to change his flight for an important meeting at work. This left me with the predicament of choosing to either change all of our tickets (which would not only be monetarily costly, […]

Mama’s Mind Is Under Attack…

There in that sterile hospital room, amidst quick flashes of lightning from a nearby window, I lay snuggling my sweet baby girl. My daughter, MaryGrace, has epilepsy; so, she was undergoing a sleep study to be sure she was not having seizures in her sleep, which could result in intellectual damage (“intellectual damage”… 2 words […]

Saying “Yes” This Summer

I am just so stinking excited to get the next couple of months to spend with my kids. (Yes, I know come August I will be eating those words, but for now… bliss.) I see the years flying by and I don’t want to feel like I missed them while I was making sure the […]