Good Riddance 2017 – A New Year’s Eve Reflection

2017 was hard for country and our world. 2017 was so much more devastating for people across the globe than it was for me… this I cannot/ will not ignore. However, this blog is titled and I do not assume that you come here for worldly news and information. What I might assume is […]

Craving The Off Season

Monday – Dance, Swim (2), Football Tuesday – Football Wednesday – Dance, Swim (2) Thursday – Youth Group & Football Friday – nothing (Hallelujah, but let’s be real… Fridays don’t stay empty for long) Saturday – Game Day Sunday – Christmas Pageant Practice There are certain aspects of being part of a big family that are […]

6 Reasons Why Halloween Is Quite Possibly The Worst Idea Ever

Originally Posted On San Diego City Mom's Blog

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are like me and that sentence made you cringe a bit, let me justify all the cringes for you. I am a firm believer that Halloween is the worst idea ever. It was great as a kid and all, but from the mom side of the coin… […]

One Seasoned and Snarky Mom’s Rant on Halloween

Originally Posted On San Diego City Mom's Blog

It’s officially October and much like you; I have Halloween on the brain. As a mother of 4 children; 3 boys and a girl, ranging in age from 13-3, here are a few thoughts judgements on Halloween 2017. First, let’s address the trick-or-treaters age issues… Last week, this post came out and created a bit of a buzz on […]

Halloween Project With Kids – Quick & Easy!

Crafts From The World's Okayest Crafty Mom

Before you get all Halloween Project snarky on me… let me explain! Shane and I do this thing where we take turns going to our kids games, especially if it will be in a tight space, or hot, or during nap time, or super early, etc… This weekend was my turn, I took Payton to […]

When Diapers Are Your Boss

World… It seems like everything has a “world” these days… Disney World Jurassic World World Cup World of _______ And then of course you have the WWWs Well, let me let you in on my world. It is ruled and dictated by stinky, McNasty, hot, and steamy diapers. I still have 2 kiddos in diapers […]

A Mom’s Back to School Prayer

Originally posted on Her View From Home

We are wrapping up summer this week. We have done dentist appointments, doctor appointments, car appointments, back-to-school shopping, and we even have our first day of school outfits ready to go. We They I am ready! But as ready as I am, when I think about that previous sentence I notice some of those momthoughts start creeping in! I find myself […]

Raising My Teen To Leave Me

13 Pieces Of Advice For Him On His 13th Birthday

13 pieces of advice for 13 year old son

As this new season known as the teen years is now officially upon us, here is the advice I have for you my sweet teen son… Be respectful. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Have a firm handshake and look people in the eye. Face the flag, take your hat off, and be quiet. […]

Summer Balance Got Me Like… Yes! No! Whoa! AHHHH!

When you think about it, summer is a funny thing. It’s like, one day someone said, “I have an idea! Let’s throw everything out the window. All those routines and schedules… forget they even existed! Let’s shut down the schools, wrap up the extracurricular activities, and just live on the wild side.” All the while, […]

Things Were A Little Shaky There For A While, But We Are Still Here

Sometimes life is challenging. Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes life requires you stretch beyond your comfort zone, AGAIN. And sometimes life is just plain old, dad gum hard for no apparent reason. Can we just be real for just a second and take a minute to set aside our FaKebook life, now, would you please repeat after me… […]