A Mom’s Back to School Prayer

Originally posted on Her View From Home

We are wrapping up summer this week. We have done dentist appointments, doctor appointments, car appointments, back-to-school shopping, and we even have our first day of school outfits ready to go. We They I am ready! But as ready as I am, when I think about that previous sentence I notice some of those momthoughts start creeping in! I find myself […]

Raising My Teen To Leave Me

13 Pieces Of Advice For Him On His 13th Birthday

13 pieces of advice for 13 year old son

As this new season known as the teen years is now officially upon us, here is the advice I have for you my sweet teen son… Be respectful. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Have a firm handshake and look people in the eye. Face the flag, take your hat off, and be quiet. […]

Summer Balance Got Me Like… Yes! No! Whoa! AHHHH!

When you think about it, summer is a funny thing. It’s like, one day someone said, “I have an idea! Let’s throw everything out the window. All those routines and schedules… forget they even existed! Let’s shut down the schools, wrap up the extracurricular activities, and just live on the wild side.” All the while, […]

Things Were A Little Shaky There For A While, But We Are Still Here

Sometimes life is challenging. Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes life requires you stretch beyond your comfort zone, AGAIN. And sometimes life is just plain old, dad gum hard for no apparent reason. Can we just be real for just a second and take a minute to set aside our FaKebook life, now, would you please repeat after me… […]

Must Read & Share; Mom Escapes Human Traffickers In IKEA

I recently came across this story of a Southern California mama named Diandra Toyos who was shopping with her mom and three littles. She was meandering through seemingly endless jungle that is IKEA and the unthinkable happened. She and her kids happily tested out couches and Diandra became aware of a man watching them nearby. At first she began […]

Dear Kids, It Went So Fast…

A Tearful Reflection

Dear Kids, It is almost mid-January and you finally all went back to school this week after a long and glorious winter break. The break was full of highs and lows and traveling and staying home. In all honesty (for the most part) it was great, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that some days […]

Scratch The To-Do List and Go Make A Memory

Yesterday I did the unimaginable, the unthinkable, the preposterous… In the month of December with lists and tasks coming out the wazoo, I took the day off and went to the Children’s Museum with the littles. (I wrote this piece over summer about saying “yes” more to my kids and I realized I needed a […]

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


Here’s the scoop… Lots of bloggers do a “Favorite Things” type series and I thought you guys night enjoy mine as much as I love, love, love theirs! First things first… I want to you picture Julie Andrews dancing through the hills and singing “These are a few of my favorite things.” Once that is […]

Dear Mamas: Slow Down & Savor Today

A Guest Post for Christine M. Chappell

If you saw someone open a bag of M&Ms and start popping them in their mouth and swallowing them whole, you might think they had lost their ever-loving mind. You might even ask yourself… what’s the point of eating M&Ms if you aren’t going to taste them? (Then there’s me over here freaking out and […]