Exciting News: MaryGrace Epilepsy Update

An Update Worth Celebrating

I have some very exciting news to share! Our epilepsy journey may be coming to an end! WE HIT THE 2 YEAR MARK!!!!! If you have no idea what I am referring to let me ramp you up to speed; When MaryGrace, the baby of our family, has epilepsy. If you’d like, you can read more […]

Not The Life I Would Have Chosen For Her — MaryGrace Update

Last week, through tear-filled eyes I signed my name on forms with scary words like “developmental delay” and “special education” in regard to my sweet sweet girl. I had been through this a year and a half ago with our Jameso (he has a speech delay and has been receiving services for a while). However, […]

Heading To Children’s Hospital For A Few Days – Pray For Us?

Sometimes I have the tendency to put my epilepsy blinders on and pretend like nothing is wrong with my sweet girl and sometimes epilepsy punches me in the face… unfortunately, this is one of those times where the latter has snuck in again. Tomorrow, Monday June 13th, MaryGrace and I head to Children’s Hospital. We […]

MaryGrace Update – Back To The Peppermint Forest

Round 3

I am so frustrated, devastated, and sad but the analogy that keeps popping into my head is Candyland. (I have a serious love/hate relationship with that game.) I felt like we were smoothly skipping down the rainbow colored squares and then BAM, pulled the Mr. Mint card, or in this case the “sleep seizure/language regression” card […]

MaryGrace Update

Round 2 Month 5

I have had several people ask about my sweet girl and I am happy to report she is doing pretty well. If you are not sure to what I am referring… you can catch yourself up in the MaryGrace tab in the Category section. I am sorry I haven’t done an update in a while… in all honesty, sometimes […]

MaryGrace Update

Round 2 Month 3

Last month I poured my heavy heart out. I was so very frustrated with the entire circumstance. (2/3 vs 1/3… I still have to wrap my brains around the statistics.) This month I can say… We are doing ok. There was such a beautifully overwhelming response from all of you… People reaching out, sharing their stories, […]

MaryGrace Update — I Want My Baby Back

Round 2 Month 2

I took MaryGrace to a follow up appointment last month at Children’s Hospital Colorado and I posted this photo on Instagram as we waited to be called back. When I posted this picture we were playing, snacking, and waiting… When we were called back we were again able to meet with one of our nations […]

MaryGrace Update

Round 2, Month 1

I have had so many of you ask about MaryGrace. Thank you for your genuine concern for my baby girl and also for my family. She is doing well. Due to the recent seizures we had to up the meds and there was definitely an adjustment period. She was super tired and agitated for the […]

How My Special Needs Daughter Is Making The Rest Of Them Better

These last few days have given me heavy heart, but amongst the sadness, fear, and concern there has been an unexpected joy and hope. One of my concerns when MaryGrace was first diagnosed was with how it would affect the other kids but this 6 pack (as I call it) has really stepped it up and […]

MaryGrace Update — Back to Ground Zero

I sent out a quick post yesterday asking for prayer and man, you guys came through big. Each and every comment, text, pm, and call meant the world to me. It is so comforting to not feel alone, so… thank you. Thank you for your prayers, support, stories, and concern. There have been seasons in […]