Dandelions, Roses, and Words of Affirmation

WOW - word on Wednesday

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately. (Who am I kidding? We have 4 kids and puppy, it’s always crazy!) I guess this has been a different sorta crazy. Unique maybe. Shane has been working on a few big things for work and it has taken up a lot of his time. After […]

It’s Time To Ditch The Wagon And Let Go Of The (mom) Guilt

WOW - Word On Wednesday

Yesterday I was engaged in a conversation with a pregnant first time momma. Glory. I asked her, “Can I get you anything? Water? Coffee?” Her response went something like this, “I would love a coffee, but I am trying not to drink much caffeine, and every time I do, I feel so guilty.” mom guilt […]

If Satan Can’t Make You Bad, He Will Make You Busy

WOW - Word On Wednesday

“How are you doing?” a friend would ask. “Busy” was my go to response and then there was a pause, waiting for sympathy, empathy, accolades or maybe even a gold medal. During the season shortly after we got married and settled into our home we got pregnant with baby #2 (a.k.a. baby hulk) and things were moving right along. A few […]

At What Point Is Your Adopted Kid Just Your Kid?

Wednesday was the one year anniversary of our “Sprattacular Day” when Shane adopted Payton. If you need to catch yourself up to speed… read this article, it is our adoption story. As the date was approaching I had a vast variety of ways I thought we could/should celebrate… Here were some of the things I came […]

Filling Your Leaky Can With Goodness

WOW - Word on Wednesdays

Motherhood can look a lot like a watering can with a hole in the bottom. Each day we are pouring ourselves out and watering our beautiful people, all the while there is a hole in the bottom of the can draining all the energy, patience and tolerance. That’s just the “normal” days… add a sick kid, […]

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

This is a guest post by my sweet friend Emily… she is beautiful and has a deep love for my Jesus. She was the speaker for our Valentine’s Day brunch this week at bible study. After she shared, I asked her to put the talk in written form so I could pass it on to all of you! […]

MOMentous Monday with Elisha Villanueva

Motherhood is hard, lonely and extremely challenging. However, it is also one of the best gifts on the planet. As moms we tend to try hide the struggles and frustrations. I am going to venture to say that weight is something we have all wrestled with at some point. MOMentous Monday is an opportunity to […]