Big Lips and Dark Skin… Not Exactly a New Concept

Let me first start by telling you that I have a huge heart for women.

I love women of every shape, size, color, and denomination.

I can’t even tell you how giddy it makes me to be surrounded by women.

When I see a woman walking through a hard thing… I just wanna hug her.
I want to squeeze her until she knows it’s all going be alright.

Today I even stalked a lady with an eye patch all the way to her car and thanked her for her beautiful perspective.

I overheard a conversation she was having as we were scarfing down our Costco hot dogs. (don’t judge.)

Her friend asked about her eye, she said “it will all be fine, I have another eye and my arms and legs work.”

She said this with the utmost sincerity, grace, and humility.

After I hunted her down… I literally hugged that sweet lady, looked her in her sticker covered eye patch, told her she is beautiful and thanked her for her refreshing perspective.

She was gorgeous inside and out.

This brings me to my burning topic of the day.

It all started because there is this trend going around called the Kylie Jenner Challenge. 

Girls are trying to get big full lips like the popular reality star.
(I don’t even know nor do I care what lame show she is from.)

But young girls are bruising their faces in an effort to make their lips look bigger and fuller. After the self-mutalization they are posting pictures of their jacked up effort on Instagram and hash tagging it #KylieJennerChallenge.

Ok, so the whole phenomena caught my attention and got me thinking of how it was only a few decades ago that African Americans were scrutinized for their full lips.
(And sadly, I know there is still plenty of this sort of scrutiny out there still today.)

It’s peculiar to me that until a teeny bopper with full lips made it popular… naturally full-lipped ladies were taunted for their God given features. Now there are literally thousands of girls sucking the air out of a shot glass in order to pump up their face.

Big beautiful lips aren’t something new…
They have been around since the beginning of time.
God made them.

On the same note… It’s interesting to me how the same dark skin that has been ridiculed for ages is now sought after as well.

I don’t care how you do it… in a tanning bed, under the sun, in a spray booth, or with some magic creams…
We have all tried it at least once. (don’t lie)

I need to say that I am not against body modification. You do what you want with your body. It’s really none of my business. (Don’t start throwing stones and verses at me here either.)

But put down the shot glass and definitely put down the racial slurs.

We don’t need a teen star to rise in order to define beauty. It has been there all along.

My God makes beautiful things.

We are all beautiful.

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  1. Listen to the song, “Worth more than Gold” by Britt Nicole
    It’s a beautiful reminder for the young and the old!