Begging Jesus For A Little Help As We Head Back To School

The Spratt Pack is wrapping up summer this week. We have done dentist appointments, doctor appointments, car appointments, back to school shopping, and we even have our first day of school outfits ready to go.

We They I am ready!

Payton will be a 5th grader, Brady in Kindergarten, and James is starting preschool.

But as ready as I am, when I think about that previous sentence I notice some of those mom thoughts creeping in! I find myself concerned about friends, bullies, teachers, the potty, and all the fleeting moments that have already passed.

This week really was a doozy… We did more errands this week than we have done all summer. What can I say? I work well under pressure.

Weeks like this and crazy mom thoughts like those previously mentioned require walking. alone. So I headed out last night and went to my favorite thinking rock… I have to show you some pictures so you can understand why I love it so much.


View from the top, looking toward Denver


View from the top, looking toward the foothills


I had a good chat with my Jesus up there and I thought I would share it with my sweet readers. It went a little something like this:

Dear God,

As my kids all head back to school I want you to know that I am a little concerned about a few things.
(Like not so concerned that I think we should homeschool, but enough that I wanted to talk to you about it.)

But first… thank you for the school system. Thank you for the teachers who have patience that must be sent from the Holy Realms and thank you for giving someone the idea that children should be educated by someone better qualified than me. Oh, and thank you for not making me a teacher… I’ll make sure to send lots of gifts, notes, and maybe even volunteer weekly as needed.

I pray that my kids would have a love for knowledge and a teacher that spurs them on.
Please help them work hard, stay focused, and develop a life long thirst for knowledge.
Please let common core come easily for them because I have no ever-loving clue how to help them. (Why do we have to draw 57 boxes to solve 2×2?)

Please let the smell of a classroom, the sound of rambunctious halls, the feel of new shoes, and the taste of a 4-hour-old sandwich bring them a smile and a sweet memory of school when they are older.

I pray that you would protect them. Please protect them physically, mentally, and emotionally. There have been some real wack jobs out there and I pray that you would protect my kids from them.

I also pray that if they are ever in harms way they would use their words and not their fists, but God, if it comes down to it… please help them remember eyes, throat, crotch. <– that is for “bad guys” if it’s just another kid… then the words thing.

All kidding aside, please protect their bodies, hearts, minds, souls and give them strength, courage, and confidence.

God I pray they never forget Who’s they are… Who they represent. They are Yours and they are mine. I pray they remain true to our faith and family code even under peer pressure.

I pray they are a light in the classroom and that their faith would be seen by others.

I pray that if they are struggling or afraid they would remember you are always right there with them. I know you love them more than I do (which I still find hard to believe) and I know you will be there watching them and comforting them.

Thanks. (Go team Jesus/Spratt!)

I pray that when the bad stuff happens, like I know it will… whether its a forgotten assignment, a bump on the playground, or a problem with a classmate… I pray that you will show them how you work all things together for good.

There is truly nothing better on this planet than seeing the joy in my kids eyes after an answered prayer.
I know it can’t all go perfectly… they have to need you, but please show them your handiwork.

Ok, enough about them… what about me?

God, please help me to send them off with a smile and a hug each day.

Please help me to be the mom that I want them to remember.

Please help me make them more than a frozen breakfast at least once a week.

Please help me to be patient when I am frustrated.

Please help me to use a nice voice at a nice volume.

Please help me perform like I have a few clones during the witching hours of 4:30pm–6:30pm.
All the things seem to happen in those 2 small hours; after school snack, after school friends, dinner prep, homework help, MG grumpy crash from her meds, James always needs to go poop, practice, etc.

Please help me to wake up early each morning to spend time with you. I know I cannot pour something out that has not been filled up.

God, please free me from any mom guilt this year, help me to find peace in knowing I tried my best.

With open hands and an open heart I lift up our school year, our teachers, and our family.
Please rain down on us.


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5 thoughts on “Begging Jesus For A Little Help As We Head Back To School

  1. You have such a way with words! We all are loved, inspired, never feel alone, and challenged by your sweet honest thoughts. Thank you for writing from your soul to us every week.
    Jesus, bless my bestie beyond her wildest dreams and hold her precious kids(and mine) in your loving embrace all school year long 🙂