A Quick Sunday Afternoon Confession

Earlier today I posted this photo…11900028_977519845603166_7521269195314197697_n


With this caption…

Saturday evening church means Sunday morning pool! #SprattPack  #SprattasticSummer2015  #ThereIsAFaKebookInThis 

The truth is… Saturday night church with a relaxing/fun/family Sunday really was the plan.

And the plan was going pretty well…

We had great time at church last night, came home and ate some dinner, then put the babes to bed after a little Bronco action.

This morning we woke up slowly, sipped coffee, and then Shane made breakfast tacos. (They were awesome!)

Then the plan was for Shane to get in a quick bike ride and we would go to the pool when he got back.

And seriously… everything was going great.

Payton was writing birthday thank you cards, Brady was helping water the flowers with the hose (surprisingly, this is not where the problem was), James was playing with a dump truck and some rocks (surprisingly, this is not where the problem was either), and MG was attached to my hip while I was managing the morning like a great conductor of a orchestra.

Anticipating Shane’s arrival soon I ran upstairs to put little miss in her suit and swim diaper.

And that’s when it all broke loose… HELL, that is.

That is when all hell broke loose.

There was hitting, pushing, fighting, yelling, attacking, defending and of course Shane rolled up on his bike just in time to catch it.

Then there were time outs, confessions, re-confessions (sometimes it takes more than once), punishments for the crime, punishments for the need to re-confess (IE: not telling the truth the first time).

This is when the great divide occurred…
I thought that things should be handled one way, I was there for the entire time he was gone on a bike ride and they were so good and so sweet and just plain old tired of waiting.
(I’m the mom. I am the softy. Unless I am on my own… then I am like robo mommy and you can’t break me.)

My man thought that things should be handled another way, he was the one that rolled up on the 3 man brawl/dog pile/scuffle/tussle/scrap.
(He is the dad. He is brave and strong. Unless,  no… always.)

One of the big rules in our marriage/parenting is to never show a divide in front of the kids. This is a tough one. Like, super tough. But being a united front is so beneficial for all.

Somehow we eventually managed to get to the pool and I think that some/most of us even managed to have a good time.

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But man, isn’t it funny how one photo can cast a day in a certain light but leave a whole other portion in the shadows?

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