6 Reasons Why Halloween Is Quite Possibly The Worst Idea Ever

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Halloween is just around the corner. If you are like me and that sentence made you cringe a bit, let me justify all the cringes for you. I am a firm believer that Halloween is the worst idea ever. It was great as a kid and all, but from the mom side of the coin… not so much

  1. Costumes
    I wrote this article a couple of weeks ago, in which I addressed the costumes that should NOT be worn. Including my issues with skanky youth costumes (just don’t), tacky political/racial jokes, and my issues with the family costume conundrum. No need for repetition, life is too short.
    Today’s discord with costumes is more along the lines of itchy and complicated. After getting multiple toddlers suited up and ready to head out the door, I am in a full sweat and inevitably someone will need to pee. Taking a bunch of kids out trick or treating in the dark is scary enough that you might lose one… why must we disguise them and make them even harder to recognize? (I have tried to navigate this issue by covering my kids in glow sticks… it’s kinda like putting the obnoxious ribbon on your suitcase so you can easily spot your bag on the turnstile. Haven’t lost one yet!)
  2. Cold 
    We just moved from Colorado so I am not completely sure if this concern will apply to life in San Diego… but snow or at least freezing temperatures were a legitimate concern when choosing costumes. It does still get a little chilly when the sun goes down here, but I am not feeling the need to work the snow suit into the ballerina costume. San Diego people seem to think 70 is cold, we will just go with that.
  3. Strangers 
    Somewhere along the line someone thought, “Hey! I have a brilliant idea! Let’s put our kids in costumes so it will be even harder to distinguish them in the dark. Then go knock on a bunch of strangers doors and ask for free stuff!”
    What the what? How is this even a thing?

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Happy Halloween!

Have fun out there tonight!

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