20 Ways Puppies Are Like Babies & 6 Ways They Are NOT

Last month we added a new member to our family. She has blonde hair, brown eyes, and the ability to melt hearts. We call her Rosie.

As I have settled into my role of doggy mommy (Is that a thing? Did I seriously just write that?) I have noticed there are some serious similarities in having a puppy and a baby/toddler but I have also noticed there were some stark contrasts.  IMG_5357

20 Ways Puppies Are Like Babies

  1. Poop, there is a lot of it and it dictates your life… gotta get up in the night and pause in the middle of your activities to address such poopy issues.
  2. Silence is anything but golden. If it’s quiet and they are awake… they are typically up to no good.
  3. They are obsessed with their body parts…
  4. They are rather expensive… food, toys, gear, equipment, dr bills, and of course there is the cost of replacing all the broken things.
    (This one hardly bothers me at all as I love accidentally stepping on a squeaky toy in the sacred alone hours of the morning. GRRRRR)
  6. Sleep – They are up all hours of the night for unexplainable reasons but look angelic while they are sleeping.
  7. They wet the bed.
  8. Lots of extra laundry
    (see previously mentioned)
  9. They are just kinda gross sometimes… snot, barf, poop, etc
  10. They are your own personal alarm clock.
  11. They have the best snuggles.
  12. Their cuteness is what keeps you from losing it on them.
  13. Everyone on the street and anywhere else for that matter wants to stop and meet them.
  14. Their eating patterns can be erratic.
  15. Everyone gives you unsolicited advice.
    Seriously, everyone wants to tell you how to best raise them.
  16. There are unspoken puppy parent comparisons and competitions.
  17. Bribing them with a treat goes a long way.
  18. They love being outside.
  19. You photograph them relentlessly.
  20. They simultaneously make your heart melt and your blood boil.
  21. No matter how naughty they are… you still love them.


6 Ways They Are NOT Like A Baby…

  1. For me, there are NO maternal instincts. My babies could sniffle in the night and I would hear it but Rosie can yap for 10 minutes before it wakes me from my slumber.
  2. You can leave the puppy in the backyard for hours unsupervised whereas your neighbors would be calling CPS if your baby/toddler were locked in the backyard while you ran to the grocery store.
  3. They always eat their food without complaint… there are no charades. This is probably my favorite. I don’t have to make an airplane noise, negotiate how many more bites, or offer dessert in order to get her to eat.
  4. When babies wake up in the middle of the night you change them while wearing your pjs, within the comfort of a dark/warm room, and then maybe dose in and out as you rock them back to sleep.
    Puppies on the other hand have to be taken outside, which requires a jacket, boots, gloves, etc. (especially when you get them in February… rookie move). Going outside really wakes you up! It makes it rather difficult to slip back to sleep after you have braved the elements for 20 minutes waiting for your sweet pooch to find the perfect place to potty!
  5. You don’t have to start a college/car/wedding fund for them, hallelujah!
  6. For some crazy reason… people acually ask permission to pet your dog (no one did this with my babies… I literally remember swatting hands away from my sweet offspring).

So what do you think???
Did I miss anything?
Do you have anything to add?


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2 thoughts on “20 Ways Puppies Are Like Babies & 6 Ways They Are NOT

  1. They are always happy to see you when you arrive home. Even if you are gone only 10 minutes, They are so happy to see you. We love Golden Retrievers. We had two while raising our three children. Our last dog, Brogan, we=as with us 14 years. No more children at home and the grandchildren read to him. He’d lay his head on their laps and listen for hours if they would read that long. Now no more dogs. Not that we don’ love them but for all the reasons that you listed. Good luck. your kids will learn lots because they had a dog to nurture and love.

  2. Hilarious! Never had a dog when my children were growing up so can add nothing. But but my daughter had a dog and my son has one now that just loves to lick on his daughter! Go figure??