10 Super Powers Possessed By Every Mom

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO! It’s Super Mom!!


If Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman didn’t have super powers they would be nothing more man, man, and woman. It is the super powers bestowed upon them that enables them to change and protect the world.

Since moms are also world changers and great protectors… We too, have had super powers bestowed upon us. In fact, pretty much the moment you become a mother you dually become a heroine.
(sometimes it seems as thought the powers are used primarily for survival, but whatev)

Don’t get me wrong…
Super Mom is not perfect. Not even close.
Like all heroes she has her flaws and Super Mom, is in fact, incredibly human.
Humility and grace are her strongest attributes.

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Here are the 10 powers all Super Moms posses:

  1. Ninja Maneuvers
    – She can make her way around the house for hours in the morning without making a sound. She can make coffee, get dressed, and start the day in the art of “ninja.” (It should be noted that this is a power that men are completely incapable of.)
    – She can also wear a baby, push a stroller, and hold a hand all while grocery shopping.
    – However, my best of the Ninja Skills would be the flash-like speed. At the first sense of danger the ninja in her is able to dart across the playground and prevent a 2 story face plant.
  2. Lie Detector
    She has developed this keen sense of knowing when each of her children may be bending the truth. She can sniff out dishonesty like a boss. This includes sibling quarrels, false illnesses in an attempt to dodge school, and the good old “I dunno.”
  3. Super Sonic Hearing
    Super Mom can tell which of the children are crying and whether or not it is serious. She also knows all the sounds of the house… which door was just opened, the ticking sound the dishwasher makes, and judging by the squeak she can determine who is making their way down the stairs.
  4. Multitasking
    Super Mom can be cooking dinner, filling out school forms, holding a baby, prepping coffee for the next day, and making a grocery list, all while cleaning out the fridge. The options are limitless. Her skill are unmatched.
  5. Super Seeker
    This is something I had always admired about my mother… she could find anything! I never understood how she did it. But now I know the secret behind the skill. Since you are the one always cleaning up, it makes sense that you would know where you put things.
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  6. Healing Powers
    Whether it is a scraped knee, the common cold, or a broken heart… Super Mom knows just how to heal. She can whip up a bandaid or a pot of chicken noodle in the blink of an eye and of course there are the perfect “kiss it all betters.” We should also address her healing powers with a hug… she can just hold a broken one and the world becomes a better place. Super Mom always knows the words to say and wisdom to share.
  7. Death Stare
    Whether it is across an auditorium or a dinner table, Super Mom has that look that says it all. She can get those kids to shape up in no time with one stern look.
  8. Intuition
    Super Mom can sense when a situation is not good, a place/person is not safe or when the kids are about to just lose their ever loving minds and a speedy escape must be made in order to spare the family reputation. Within this super power she can also locate a public bathroom in lighting speed.
  9. X-Ray Vision
    Moms have been confessing the eyes in the back of their heads for decades… it’s true, it’s a super power of theirs. They can detect trouble through the silence of a toddler and smile from miles away. Like the all seeing eye in Lord of the Rings… they see all and know all.
  10. Mega Intelligence
    Common core is no match for Super Mom. Well, at least she doesn’t let the kids know it is. She has this special tool called the YouTube where she stays up at night fine tuning her skill.

There you have it, the 10 super powers moms have been given… These are the skills and attributes that turn a woman into a Super Mom in the blink of eye!


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2 thoughts on “10 Super Powers Possessed By Every Mom

  1. This may be my favorite post ever! We should print these out into mirror signs for moms to look at every morning (when they get 5 seconds to brush their teeth!)